NFL 2019 Season


Incredible first round of the playoffs this year, as Yoda mentioned. Both big underdogs win, no blowouts...

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Second round might not be nearly as exciting: both AFC favorites got the matchups they wanted (flip the opponents and it's way more interesting), and none of the lines are lower than -4 right now, and two of them are pushing -10 (the AFC ones).

Titans won't get another double digit underdog line against the Chiefs will they?

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*And Vegas slides all that Super Bowl money into the coffers*

Really hard to believe that Lamar Jackson didn't show up, regardless of whatever Tennessee did. James Hardenesque.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Super Bowl 55 Champs!
I didn't think Baltimore would lose until next week but I can't say I'm shocked. For as talented and exciting that Jackson is, the key to beating him is always to make him throw. What does that say about a QB? He will make plenty of plays, but he's not someone who can control the game consistently through the air, at least not yet.

His passing stats were tremendous, too, though it's obviously very hard to tease out the interaction between the two, since every play is play action. Just anecdotally, it looks worse than it is, since that first INT was a deflection, and the sack-fumble was more in his decisions as a runner. The receivers had three drops in the first quarter alone, I think it was.

The losing team almost always has a ton of pass attempts these days, regardless, for the same reason those stats about how X team wins when Y gets Z amount of rushing yards are always pointless. Yeah, of course they do: they run a lot when they've got a lead!

Anyway, yesterday was one of the first times I saw him in real time since a lot earlier in the year, and geez, I can't believe how fast he accelerates. There've been some fast QBs over the years, but what seems to make him special is how quickly he goes from "standing flat-footed in the pocket" to "sprinting past the linemen." It seems to take no time.

WOW. Chiefs fell behind 24-0 and it looked like the two biggest favorites were both going out early, but they scored 41 unanswered points and lead by double digits now. Insane.

KC a 7.5 favorite against TEN, and SF hovering around a 7.5 favorite against GB. Both are tempting underdog bets....

Still don't know what to make of Green Bay.

Guess we'll find out this week.

Chiefs pull off a record-breaking win/comeback and their biggest hurdle to the Super Bowl blows it. Great weekend for Andy Reid's squad, odds-on favorite now. Sure looking like an all-Montana Super Bowl.

That Mahomes run before halftime was absurd. He didn't even look interested in scrambling at all, then he just stopped on a dime before going out of bands and took off.

Thinking he might be the best running/passing package in the game. He's not the insane runner Lamar Jackson is, but he's still great at it, he's a better passer, and he's in a better situation with Andy Reid. Lots of weapons, for sure, but so far today he's spreading it around a ton, too. Probably should've won a title last year, and he's sure looking like he might this year.

Really fun player to watch.

That's it for the Titans' amazing run. Still a great year for them. Hard not to root for, and they played pretty well today, too. Offense was decent, Tannehill had a good game, just seemed like KC really sold out on containing Henry and assuming their offense would put up 30+, and that's what happened.

Always nice to see a guy like Tannehill find a situation that works for them, though. So hard to say which guys are busts and which just haven't found the right spot yet, sometimes. Good for him, and good for Henry and his big coming out party this year.

I'll root for the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. It would be nice to see Andy Reid finally get a ring

Was really hoping Green Bay would have won. I have rooted against San Francisco since 1988. And I’ll continue to do so it appears for this Super Bowl

Should be a good Super Bowl. These are two best teams by far. No surprise about the Chiefs winning but I don't know if this falling behind early thing is going to work against San Fran.'s D. I wouldn't recommend trying it at any rate. Packers/Niners went down about like I expected, a repeat of week 12. That game did little to change my opinion that the Pack were the worst 13-3 team ever.

Yeah, what a weird season for Green Bay. I think they got as far as they reasonably could have with what they had. Tennessee, too.

Re: falling behind. I kinda want it to happen. I wanna see what happens when the unstoppable force meets the immovable object. I think I prefer the Chiefs, because I think they have that one thing nobody else can stop or duplicate right now, but who knows. We've seen great defenses neutralize great offenses in the big game before. I assume, like so many of those examples in the past, it'll simply come down to pass rush.

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I think I prefer the Chiefs, because I think they have that one thing nobody else can stop or duplicate right now, but who knows.
Russell Wilson does the same things Patrick Mahomes does, and The Niners face him twice a year. The Chiefs can score points, so I don't think it will be a blowout, but I see San Francisco winning.