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Number Of Movies I've Seen In My Life : 950
So.. i saw a few seconds of this movie... (it was a piece of some "weekend special" commercial) never mind.

The few seconds showed two women, maybe strippers (saw only the face)
one of them gave the other, by tongue a pill that seamed like ecstasy, and the other took it into her mouth.

the screen around was blue-teal... and i guess, that's it...

i know that the details are not many, but i really like to know the name of that movie... thanks..

Hmm...I know this is not it but might as well give it a shot:

Bad Boys 2?

I seem to remember a scene similar to what you're describing. It wouldnt be part of a commerical for the movie though...

Johnny Chimpo (btw love the name man) is right its a scene early on in bad boys 2 of a night club

Number Of Movies I've Seen In My Life : 950
No, no... there is defently a night club sence in bad boys 2... but it never shows something like that... i browsed the movie after Johnny's commend, and no such thing,
maybe he's confusing it, because there is a part in the movie when one of the cops takes an ecstasy... but no...

I've replaced it, so others can try to answer it. I'm not sure why you deleted it.
If you have the answer from some other place, then maybe you can share it with us, and/or let us know what's up, instead of messing the thread stater up. They were trying to help you, after all.

Go? i don't remember much of it, but it almost sounds like something in that.
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It's not in Go - I have seen that flick about 12 times. Definitely not there.
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Number Of Movies I've Seen In My Life : 950
no... i did not find the answer... its just that i though of living the web site for not reason... so i decided to erase all my posts.. (not able to erase only edit.) but now I'm back... thanks for returning it back...
and if you mean "Go" (1999) so it's also not from it.

i saw about 900 movies in my life ( i have them all on a list ) and this one that I'm searching for is not there...

really intriguing.