Sort of soft core with a guy dreaming heís in a world of playboy girls


The title pretty much says it. I donít recall so much because I saw it when I was really young but itís like, this guy maybe falls asleep or whatever and when he wakes up heís in this neighborhood where all the women are just these hot kind of playboy girls. Itís kind of a comedy where they all want to have sex with him and heís wandering around trying to figure out whatís going onÖprobably came out in the 90s.

It's long shot, but maybe "Gettin' It" (2006) ? It isn't from 90's, but it has similar plot.

Silver, a teenage boy desperate to score with his long time girlfriend Sheila is pursued by many women in the community when an erroneous rumor circulates about his prowess.
I'm looking for prison movie: