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Whitnail & I was a nom for a rec HOF last year. Unfortunately not only did it do nothing for me but I was actively annoyed a lot of the runtime.

I kind of figured there would be a good bit of horror comedy on this list. I’m sure that will take down my watched percentage quite a bit. I am sure I will get to the Evil Dead movies someday…but not today.

Alright, interesting.

Withnail & I seems like a movie that's been popping up in my face all over, so perhaps it'a a sign that I should pull myself together and see it. I don't know much about it, but I definitely wanna watch it.

Evil Dead II I have seen of course. A classic. Very funny and entertaining. Bruce Campbell ftw! (and for Aquaman)

Seen 3/8

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Withnail & I I watched again relatively recently and really enjoyed a lot. A tale of Richard E. Grant's Withnail and the eponymous "I" having a desperate fight for comfort and safety from the locals after "accidentally" going on holiday in the English countryside. Produced by George Harrison's Handmade Films, written and directed by Bruce Robinson as a kind of autobiographical tale. This is one I might have to include as being "overlooked" when compiling my ballot. If I'd considered it, it might have got a place on it. I gave it a 10/10 rating after my review - and intend getting the Criterion edition for myself. Really good stuff, and if the rest of the countdown are titles that exceed this then it will be a very satisfying one indeed!

Evil Dead II will probably ignite a whole debate about whether it should be considered a horror film or a comedy. For me, and I know I'm in the minority, Evil Dead II proved to be a crushing disappointment after the first film, which I hold in near mythical regard. I wasn't expecting the sequel to be straight up played for laughs, and most of the good stuff was trimmed back to make it more palatable for mass audiences. I felt betrayed, and to this day it leaves me unsatisfied when I watch it. Still, I do watch it from time to time, because I love the franchise regardless - even including the Ash Vs Evil Dead TV series, and the Evil Dead remake. I can't get enough of Bruce Campbell's Ash and the Deadites.

Seen 8/8
My movie ratings often go up or down a point or two after more reflection, research and rewatches.

And for the record, the traditional way to break a tie on the MoFo lists is by first giving the edge to the film that got more votes and then as a secondary break to the one with the highest placed vote.
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Evil Dead II was #21 on my ballot. One of my horror comedies.
I've seen Withnail & I, once. I think the humor was different than what I was expecting and I didn't click with it. It's one I could see myself watching again.

12. Fargo (1996) (#97?)
21. Evil Dead II (1987) (#93)

seen: 7/8

I'm guessing this is the format people do for keeping track of this.

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Whitnail & I was a nom for a rec HOF last year. Unfortunately not only did it do nothing for me but I was actively annoyed a lot of the runtime.
I thought I was the only one. I didn't find it funny at all. Just upper class toffs getting sloshed all the time. It's revered over here as some seminal work of genius. I don't get it.

I've not seen Evil Dead II.

Evil Dead II will probably ignite a whole debate about whether it should be considered a horror film or a comedy.
Oh boy. I nearly wrote, "One of my three horror-comedies. One of my straight comedies."

I'd like to see Withnail and I again--it didn't land for me (which appears to be a common problem) but a lot of people whose opinion I trust love it, so I'm interested to try it again.

Evil Dead II--and Raimi in general--is also not to my taste. Of all his films I'd probably be most interested in seeing the first Evil Dead again. (Well, apart from the second Spider-Man film, which I love, but is one of the least Raimi-like of his movies).

The list is pretty good though, so far, yeah? Nice range of films, but I think they are all pretty clearly comedies, even the ones that are blended with another genre.

Whitnail & I was a nom for a rec HOF last year. Unfortunately not only did it do nothing for me but I was actively annoyed a lot of the runtime.
I was in the same HoF and hated Whitnail & I, I rated it a

Evil Dead II...not seen it, not interested in watching it.

and we were off to such a good start too...

I loved Evil Dead II when I saw it at the cinema as a teen but it does nothing for me now. I will always love the first in the series.

Didn't like Withnail and I.

Of the last 4 films I'll take Home Alone over the rest each and every day of the week. Saw Austin Powers once and didn't like it. There again, I don't care greatly for Bond either, but the Moore Bond's are my fav so I thought I might like it. Nope.

Withnail & I is a film I've not seen because I hate the look of it and I do mean 'the look'. I just don't want to watch anything which looks like that. Any clip I've seen of it has usually been annoyinig too, but then, all those clips look like that, so it's the same problem. I might adore the script if I ever read it.

Evil Dead 2? I just don't really get Evil Dead. The second is OTT but still just bored me really. I did like it a bit more when it came out, on the couple of occassions I tried to watch it since the the 80's it just bored me.
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Withnail & I is pretty good. Admittedly, I found it to be a mixed bag in terms of humor, but its more humorous moments worked really well for me. It's also a compelling story of two people trying to find comfort and safety amidst their surroundings, all whilst one of them fits in less to his surroundings than the other one. I'll probably revisit it eventually to see if my opinion of it grows as I generally like low-key stories like this. Overall, happy to see it made this list.

I like Evil Dead 2 quite a bit, albeit not as much as the original. The first half is excellent though. While the original film had its fair share of over-the-top moments, this one had so much it resembled a dark and twisted Looney Tunes episode with all the gags. Quite a number of them resembled slapstick humor, in fact. One you realize this, one can't help but laugh at the film (I mean this in a good way). It's truly a one-of-a-kind horror comedy which is among the most unique examples in the genre. I do feel like this charm dissipates in the second half though once the other characters arrive at the cabin. This isn't to say I dislike that portion of the film per se. It's still pretty good, but the first half is on a whole different level.

I didn't really enjoy Withnail & I much either. But I think I "got" why some people liked it. Very much a vibe film. If you're on the right wavelength the whole thing can strike you as amusing. I imagine there's a sense of time and place that is very perceptive and knowing and funny if you knew that place and lived during that time.

Not for me, but I wasn't confused about why some people really love it, either.

I seem to be one of the few who did like Withnail & I. I rather enjoy listening to Richard E. Grant speak and luckily for me, that's most of the movie haha. It wasn't really in contention for my ballot though.

Evil Dead II however was literally one of the first films that came to mind when I thought "What are my favourite comedies?" and thus it's high on my list at #4. I like the first two films in the series almost equally, but to me Evil Dead is more of a horror film that happens to be funny, and II is a comedy that utilizes typical horror elements.


My List: 1

04. Evil Dead II (1987) - #93

I love Evil Dead II, but it's not a movie I go to when I'm looking for laffs, so I didn't vote for it. I tried to keep out genre hybrids that weren't outright parodies from my list.

Haven't seen Withnail & I.

Sorry, I didn't care for Home Alone. Maybe it was the mix of sentimentality and brutal violence that rubbed me the wrong way?

International Man of Mystery is a one-joke comedy. But more often than not, it's a funny one-joke comedy.

Haven't seen Withnail and I.

Evil Dead 2 was a good mix of horror and comedy (which is why I was disappointed by Army of Darkness).

None of these were on my list (although Evil Dead 2 and Austin Powers could have made it in a list of 100).

I haven’t seen Home Alone or Austin Powers since middle school, but both were great at the time and deserve a spot on the list.

Haven’t seen the last two but Withnail & I sounds amazing, I’ll likely watch during work today
Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it