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I've seen Home Alone once when it came out. I liked it ok but will never have a desire to watch it again.

Austin Powers is not quite a favorite but I could watch it anytime.

Have seen so far: 4 – Home Alone – A good movie to watch around Christmas time. on regular basis? nah not much. I really didn’t find much laughter in the film but found it interesting to see how a kid home alone overcomes the odds against these two no good thieving punks.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery – A funny spy movie with a few laughs here and there. The first movie to be put on here from my predictions list.

Have not seen so far: 2
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Never seen either Home Alone or any of the Austin Powers movies. You'd probably have to tie me down to get me to watch the former and the clips I have encountered of the latter have always given me the impression it probably wouldn't be for me.

Seen: 2/6
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terrible, 0/5, not enough puppies.

Obviously seen Home Alone. And probably quite a few times since it's a Christmas classic... I did not vote for it though.

As for Austin Powers and it's various outings, can't say I've ever really been a fan. Granted, it's a long time ago I've seen any of it so who knows. I might like them. But I remember not really caring or having any interest for them. So yeah, not on my list.

This is the first appearance for both Home Alone and Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery on any of the MoFo Lists.
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Home alone is a good kids movie, would never vote for it in something like this though, as it's not really funny. The Austin Power films are quite amusing but nowhere near my list.
Felt the same way, except reverse the two films.

Home Alone is the first to appear from my list. I had it a bit high on my own list to be honest, but that netted it a spot on the countdown. I had it at 12.

Austin Powers is the first film to show up that I haven't seen. I feel like rectifying that strangely.

I have seen Home Alone too many times around my kids, nieces and nephews. It’s amusing and I totally get the reverence. I have never loved it though. I think I was too old when it came out.

Watched Austin Powers for this list. I loved Myers’s on SNL, but remember him doing promos for Powers when it came out and had absolutely no interest. Watching it I knew why. Dreadfully unfunny for my taste.

Watched The Lady Eve last night and enjoyed it. Stanwyk kills. Like Sullivan’s, fun premise that plays out pretty well. No belly laughs for me but I definitely don’t look sideways at amusing. Gave it 3 stars, it wouldn’t have made my list.

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I remember my family and I renting Home Alone when it was a new release on VHS and being ever so expectant of being blown away by it - but when we watched it the only time any of us laughed was during John Candy's cameo. Mind you, our neighbour had just died that very afternoon so that did dampen our spirit for madcap slapstick comedy. First dead body I ever saw. I've never attempted to rewatch it, and have never been interested in any of the sequels.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery is terrifically funny and I love it. It's a perfect send-up of the whole James Bond franchise, and Mike Myers will probably never again be as on point as he was here, playing multiple lead characters. Very nice, but very short early role for Will Ferrell - but very funny. When I went to see the first sequel at the cinema I was appalled, because they simply repeated most of the jokes from the first film. I was really indignant - there was hardly any new stuff in it at all. Never saw the third. But that first one was really something special and should be celebrated. Glad it made the list.

No votes for either film from me

Seen 6/6
My movie ratings often go up or down a point or two after more reflection, research and rewatches.

Seen Home Alone. It's a fine enough holiday film with some nice slapstick here and there, but it's not the kind of film I could see myself revisiting, nor did it have any chance of making my ballot.

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No votes. Both are perfectly adequate three-star comedies that are at once quite rewatchable but which I hesitate to think of as anywhere near great. Of the two, I probably prefer Austin Powers.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

I liked Home Alone when I was a kid but I don't think I've seen it as an adult and I doubt it would hold up. While I actually like its one-pointer sequel, Goldmember, I don't care at all for the original Austin Powers movie.

Like seanc, I was probably too old for Home Alone when it came out. I think it's fine? My son loves the slapstick stuff, however.

Austin Powers is extremely dumb and very funny. It's exactly the kind of movie I was thinking of for this list, although it didn't make mine. Glad to see it here.

Two more worthy inclusions on our countdown. Today's offerings might not be classics in the vein of The Lady Eve or Sullivan's Travels but both Home Alone and Austin Powers are in their own pie-in-the-face way modern classics of goodly fluff. I've yet to see an Austin Powers movie but like my esteemed colleague Sean I did enjoy Mike Myers acting endeavors during his stint on SNL...I have viewed Home Alone a plethora of times as it's one of the very few film titles we own on DVD. I'm not the biggest fan but it's good fare to throw into the DVD tray and let spin away. It then will play in the background whilst the Christmas tree is trimmed and the proverbial stockings hung with care over the heat register, because the dryer is busted and putting on damp socks in the morning is a real pain in the ass.

I was the perfect age when Home Alone came out and watched both movies a ton when I was a kid. I still enjoy it from time to time as an adult too. “Look what you did you little jerk” is still so funny and ****ed up.

Loved Austin Powers a lot too, especially being a fan of Bond. The idea of the Scott character is absolutely brilliant and Dr. Evil’s monologue at group is hysterical.
The sequels are terrible though.

Considered both for my list but neither made the cut.

I watched Home Alone a lot as a kid but while I'll catch a few minutes if it's playing on TV, I've never felt the urge to revisit it in its entirety. I do love that Joe Pesci did both that and Goodfellas in the same year. "Funny how?"

Austin Powers I did see as a kid, but it's never been a favourite.

I think Iroqouis' assessment of both movies being perfectly adequate 3-star movies is on the money.

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I thought we'd be kicking off with something more obscure, but we're going straight in with the big hitters it seems. I've seen all six of the films revealed so far, which I really wasn't expecting at this point. Fargo is probably the best of them, but I didn't really have it under consideration for my list. I thought the South Park movie was very funny when I watched it, but it was quite some time ago. Blame Canada!

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I still watch Home Alone every year - not intentionally - but it's on so much near the end of the year that it's easy to watch or even just listen to.

The concept of Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery is pretty good, and it's also easy enough to have on in the background even though I don't "see" it nearly as often as Home Alone.

Never considered either.
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Funnily enough I just watched Austin Powers the other day, it still holds up, and Elizabeth Hurley is just astonishingly hot( probably more so than every bond girl ever). The piss take that Bond so desperately deserved. Random Task.......