2016 MoFo TV Tournament


Thursday Next repped me in this thread for another post without bringing up any objections so i assume she is ok with it. What about Miss Vicky, Topsy, Nope and Fabulous? Think we are the main participants here.

Oh I thought since the films were already posted the decision was made. I have no objections!
Nah, i know a few have been watching shows for this so i wouldn't want to potentially drop another few in their lap if they weren't ok with it. Of course they could just not vote in that match but it may be in one with their picks so i just wanted to make sure everyone was fine with it. Looks like there's no objections didn't expect any just wanted to make sure, so i'll add those four just waiting on tat with two since he was the first to PM me and ask if he could pick some.

There's three first rounds left so i'll add two three show matches to each one and i'll randomize the remaining 54 shows again to be fair.

Tat as well. He was the first one to PM me.

After JJ posted in this thread i asked him in a profile comment if he wanted me to add a few of his shows and he said it is cool since it has already started. After Gideon and tat PM'D me in the same day i felt pretty bad since i closed the nominations pretty quickly and some of us have 6 nominations that if everyone was cool with it we should add two from each of them.

So 70 total shows and no one else added now?

Besides catching a couple of minutes at the end of a few Cheers episodes because there was something on afterwards that I wanted to watch, I haven't seen any of the newly added shows. But like I said, I don't really have much else to do.

Both of my room mates love Venture Brothers, but they think I'm going to absolutely hate it. Not sure if that's because of my actual taste, or if they're just assuming I won't like anything that's animated haha.

tat will pick two soon, i think he thought i was changing everything for him so he felt bad. I sent him another message assuring him that it was mainly for JJ .

So yeah we should end up with 70.

tat doesn't want two shows so we'll end up with 68. I'll do one three way match in the next two rounds, then two in the last one.

I'm going to close two matches because i really don't see enough people coming in to change the outcomes much. So Breaking Bad and The Simpsons are through to the next round:

The Simpsons 8 vs Sons of Anarchy 3

Breaking Bad 8 vs Community 3

The rest of the scores are like this:

Fawlty Towers 5 vs I Zombie 2

Spartacus 3 vs Sister Sister 1

Life on Mars 2 vs Arrested Development 4

Narcos 4 vs Game of Thrones 3 (No clue how Game of Thrones is losing, glad though)

Supernatural 1 vs You, Me and the Apocalypse 2

Mad Men 4 vs The Increasingly Poor Decision of Todd Margaret 3

So do you guys think i should put up the next set and just keep those ones going, or wait until that round is fully completed?

Decided to post the next set. Those six matches are still up for anyone to vote for. In the last match you vote for one of the three for the record:

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Daniel M vs Roseanne - Miss Vicky

Northern Exposure - Sean vs In the Flesh - Thursday Next

LOST - Daniel M vs Blackadder II - Miss Vicky

The Office (US) - Sean vs Utopia - CiCi

Still Game - Camo vs Dexter - Miss Vicky

Spaced - Mistique vs The Wire - Fabulous

The Office (UK) - Daniel M vs Deadwood - TONGO

My Mad Fat Diary - Thursday Next vs Homeland - TONGO vs Futurama - Derek

Thankfully i can vote in most of this set.

LOST - Daniel M vs Blackadder II - Miss Vicky (Sorry MV i love Blackadder II but LOST is a top ten show for me)

The Office (US) - Sean vs Utopia - CiCi (Again sorry CiCI, Utopia is great and i'd be fine with it going through but i prefer The Office)

Still Game - Camo vs Dexter - Miss Vicky (Still Game doesn't have a hope then . I love it obviously since it is my nom but Dexter is a top ten show for me)

Spaced - Mistique vs The Wire - Fabulous (I like Spaced but this isn't close for me)

The Office (UK) - Daniel M vs Deadwood - TONGO (Both great but Deadwood is pretty much perfect)

Only have to watch 4 of Roseanne to vote in that match since i watched the Pilot. 3 or 5 of My Mad Fat Diary depending on how long the episodes are. And i haven't seen any of Northern Exposure or even heard of In The Flesh.