Me, myself and Irene - ?picket



Me, myself and Irene is coming out in the UK in a few days and the health profession is being called to picket it.

I wondered if anything happened about it in the USA.

I think it is bad to be making a comedy about schizophrenia. I don't think they would have been allowed to release a similar film laughing at people with HIV, cancer or physical disabilities.

It is only a film, but films influence our opinions, if only on a sub-concious level.

What does anyone else think?

Peter George


This should have gone into the new releases (for UK anyway)...

Could you move it please Chris?


Thread moved! Man do I love this forum script!

There was a little bit of a fuss here in the U.S.A. - nothing too was in the new for a couple of days at most. I suppose it is a bit rude, but overall I just can't make myself care too much - its all in good fun...and if you can't sort of make fun of someone, then we just can't have comedies anymore!