Biggest Holiday Movie


Which Movie Will Win?
1 votes
Not Another Teen Movie
5 votes
Vanilla Sky
1 votes
The Royal Tenenbaums
1 votes
I have no flippin' idea
8 votes. You may not vote on this poll

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Which movie do you think will draw in more crowds over the Holiday this year???

Ocean's 11
Harry Potter
Behind Enemy Lines
Vanilla Sky
Not Another Teen Movie(won't, but what the heck)

Well, start callin em.

I think that LOTR will pull the crowd in.
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Pick the winner for the December 14th/15th/16th weekend. I voted for "Vanilla Sky," but I think it's going to be surprisingly close. "Not Another Teen Movie," I think, will start off fairly well, making it less than a cakewalk for Cruise.

I picked Vanilla Sky, but I think Ocean's 11 will make the most money overall on the weekend. Also, I think Royal Tennenbaums is only a NY/LA release on the 14th - which really pisses me off! I was looking forward to it!

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Vanilla Sky. C'mon...that's easy. Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz? Or a bunch of nobodies in a spoof/comedy, which is a tired premise for a movie. Seen one, seen 'em all. Vanilla Sky will dominate.

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Sadie, you are forgetting the premise for Vanilla Sky. It may draw people in the opening weekend, but after that some people will leave confused. It might not do well.

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I don't care. Just hope I don't lose the count for posting on this thread.

Question..why didn't you add more movies to the Poll choices on the other thread?

Which ones? The one for next week's grosser? I guess I was only thinking of the NEW of the new ones, basically. I guess I ought to add "Ocean's Eleven," though, eh?

I ain't gettin' in no fryer!
I just saw a spot for "Sky" on tv a little while ago, and Rolling Stone thought it was great. Mr Announcer said, "See the movie with too many secrets, even critics aren't giving anything away." Or something like that.

The Royal Tenenbaums definitely only opened on a handful of screens in NYC and L.A. (5 screens, to be exact, vs. the 2,700+ for Vanilla Sky, 2,300+ for Not Another Teen Movie, and 3,000+ for Ocean's 11), so unless this poll judges by per-screen average instead of overall boxoffice take, it shouldn't be on the list.
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I just stuck it up there because a lot of people around here have been waiting for it. Partially wanted to see if any fanboys would vote for it out of emotion rather than logic. Anyway, this is gonna be one CLOSE is predicting that "Vanilla Sky," "Not Another Teen Movie," and "Ocean's Eleven" will all make between $20-22 million. Closest race in awhile, it seems.

Friday earnings: "Vanilla Sky" took in a bit over $8 million, "Ocean's Eleven" over $7 million, and "Not Another Teen Movie," just a tad under $5 million. Looks like "Vanilla Sky" is likely to take the top spot...though I'm holding out for now. I think it's the kind of movie that, because of it's marketing (hyping the big twist or twists), may lure in the majority of it's weekend moviegoers on it's first day, and fall behind "Ocean's" on Saturday. We'll see. It'll be dang close either way.

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oh whoops, i voted before reading.

i voted for TRT cuz that looks like quality comedy. Not Another Teen Movie ... i'm sure will be hilarious but ... people might be all Teen Movied Out.

As for V. Sky, yeah, i think it'll get a hit but then i've heard that while the visuals are great and yes there are fascinating twists and interesting things done that the film does not have a cohesive body that makes much of an overall sense ... and yes, audiences are more likely to be confused by it all.

but a group of us might end up seeing it tomorrow anyway. i'm ambivalent about watching cruise. any man who does that to Nikki is just ... he's just lost points. Heavy duty points. And jumping to that peppery little pixie Cruz ... it's just so not right. I'm not angry, just ... full of distaste.

i'm looking forward to the royal tannenbaums. i really need to laugh. and see some red 70's track suits.

Now With Moveable Parts
I second the red jump suits. funny, funny stuff.

Vanilla Sky finished with about $25-million, Ocean's 11 with about $23-million, and Not Another Teen Movie managed only $13-million for third place.

BTW, The Royal Tenenbaums kicked major @ss. Only on five screens, but the per-screen average was a phenomenal $50,800. That's vs. Vanilla Sky's $9,100 per-screen.

Yeah, it did...but then again, it might've made a lot per screen because there were VERY few places to see it. There's always a movie every week or two that pulls in something like half a million on a dozen or so screens in NY. I'm just waiting for it to come out in wide release for now...I think it'll be in a theater near me on January 4th.