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Hopefully y'all find some enjoyment from it. It really is a joyful film that's all about having a good time. It's a low-end candidate for my list, if it makes it, it'd be in the 20s, but would have no problem clearing a top 100 list.

Well, that was a big miss.

Who Killed Captain Alex? (Nabwana I.G.G., 2010)

If they gave awards to movies with the most useless and irritating narration, Who Killed Captain Alex? would be a big contender. If this thing had a plot, I missed it because of the distracting exclamations from the narrator - some of which were not even translated in the subtitles so it amounted to nothing but noise. Not that the parts that could be understood contributed anything positive to the experience. The constant barrage of bullshit like "What?" and "Huh huh hey hey!" left me wondering if they took inspiration from rapper Lil Jon and also left me just wishing for it to end. It felt like a bizarre hybrid of the song "Yeah" and a terrible rip-off of Mystery Science Theater with the net result of making the film's one hour runtime feel like five.

I fully understand that this movie was made on a not-even shoe string budget. I could probably have forgiven the shitty acting, terrible effects, terrible cinematography, and terrible writing and enjoyed this on a cheese level, but not with that irritating running commentary.


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Who Killed Captain Alex is not a good film in a lot of ways and manages to be an enjoyable one all the same. Much like Miami Connection and the Room (minus the Guerrero Street story), there's an innocence to Alex that compels you to keep watching even after the quality deteriorates. VJ Emmie is not someone that everyone is going to gravitate towards, but his fast and loose commentary keeps you on your toes and adds further entertainment value.

It's not gonna make my list, but if it does make someone's, then that'll be a win right there.

I watched the first half of the movie yesterday - won´t get a chance to watch more, before tomorrow.

Most of the time I don´t get what´s going on. But at least I can feel that the people making it had fun - and I am shocked to see it got 7,7 million views on youtube.

I watched the first half of the movie yesterday - won´t get a chance to watch more, before tomorrow.

Most of the time I don´t get what´s going on. But at least I can feel that the people making it had fun - and I am shocked to see it got 7,7 million views on youtube.
Once you finish, be sure to let me know so I can add you to the pool of candidates for the next round.

Who Killed Captain Alex?, 2010

Captain Alex (Kakule William) is spearheading an effort to take out a criminal group called the Tiger Mafia. When the mafia leader's brother is killed, they strike back at the authorities and the bloodshed continues to escalate.

What an absolute blast.

There's something very engaging about movies that are made with genuine enthusiasm. Sometimes, of course, movies that are written-directed-starring-etc can just turn into hollow imitations of whatever Tarantino or horror classic floated the filmmaker's boat. Here, though, there's a joy to the proceedings that makes it much more than just shallow playacting.

I remember this movie making a splash when it first came out, and I saw lots of stills or GIFs mocking the special effects. Honestly, I didn't mind them. There's a genuine charm to the film knowing that it was made on less than a shoestring budget and by a guy on a computer he cobbled together.

I think that what makes the movie work is that the tone remains entirely consistent throughout. This is a group of friends making a movie for themselves and their community. The acting, action, and camera work is all pretty even, so once you settle into it, you're good. It also never veers into the kind of content---serious torture or sexual assault--that can sour this kind of "for fun" low budget film. There's a real marked difference between what this movie is doing and what's happening in a lot of the films we're currently watching in the Hall of Infamy.

And while this might be a divisive opinion, I liked the voice over commentary. Yes, sometimes it's fart jokes. But I laughed more often than not, especially at lines like "Save me the head, like Predator" or, as the camera looks over a sewage flooded courtyard "I love it. Pearl of Africa". Or, during the tepid sequence where a captured woman is tortured (they throw water on her, then throw the bucket at her!), "They caught her watching Nigerian films." It felt like the kind of commentary you'd get in a live-MC'd event.

The movie is certainly helped by its brisk run time. I'm not sure that it would retain its charm after something like 90 minutes, but 68 minutes? Absolutely. I'm not sure I'd watch it again on my own, but I'm really glad I checked it out.

Just finished watching Who Killed Captain Alex?, and it was a real blast. Not sure I've ever seen anything like it before. Yes, it's pretty much a no-budget movie (according to Wikipedia, it was made for only $85) and you can obviously feel its budget, but you definitely get the impression the filmmakers are very passionate about their film and are happy to show it off to their fellow villagers (as stated in the opening credits, the director never expected for anyone outside his home village to watch the film). And the voice over narration is a large part of why the film achieves this, given how passionate it is and the way it hypes you up for the various action scenes. Plus, technical roughness aside, some of the action was actually pretty good as well. It was well-framed and had a decent bit of tension. Given how this film was made on a shoestring budget, I found that pretty impressive. If this film was 90 minutes or longer, its charm might've worn off, but at 68 minutes, I had a good time with it from beginning to end. I don't know if I'd be quick to rewatch this anytime soon or see other films like it (or not right away, at least), but I'm glad I checked this out.

7/10 (?)

One of my biggest moviegoing regrets is not seeing that director’s Crazy World when it screened at TIFF a few years ago. Apparently he was in attendance

Who Killed Captain Alex? (2010)

I guess it depends on what curve the viewer judges it on. For the resources that were available, very good. Compared to truly good films, not so much. Pretty much every compliment that I could give it comes with a caveat. Even my thought that it's short length is one of it's best assets is a total backhanded compliment. I was annoyed more often than not with the narration, but I also think it would be missed if not there. Somehow I did enjoy it, more than many much more acclaimed films from our various lists. Mixed feelings but a decent watch.

Who Killed Captain Alex? (2010) was better than it should have been based on the acting and the budget, but overall, I didn't care much for this movie. I knew that it probably wasn't going to be my type of movie, but it was only about an hour so I gave it a chance, but unfortunately, I never cared even a little bit about who killed Captain Alex, and the commentary was annoying. I think it was supposed to be a fun commentary, but it just felt like I was in a theater where the guy next to me just wouldn't stop talking during the movie.
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As a fan of Troma movies and someone who routinely watches the really good bad movies, I am not surprised to have loved this.

This is an ideal movie to watch with your mates. I expected the bad acting, cheap production, basic plot, and I don't hold that against them, considering the limited resources at their disposal.

What I did not expect was the hilarious humour. And I am not speaking about the unintentional comedy. This had some real good humour from the silly (German food), to the edgy (punishing someone for watching Nigerian movies) to the dark. I didn't mind the narration, or the fact that he kept reminding us which movie we are watching.

At just over an hour, it doesn't overstay its welcome.
I am glad I watched this.

Thanks for the recommendation @jiraffejustin

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Watched Who Killed Captain Alex too. Will comment later or I will not.
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