The 2nd MoFo Hall of Infamy : Son of Infamy


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Brendan Schaub: You'd Be Surprised

You all got that friend that constantly tells jokes because they think they're funny, but you always roll your eyes and groan at the dumb delivery. I've seen my fair share of stand-up specials and this one is legit the worst one. It's just unfunny. Bad delivery, bad set-ups, bad jokes...I mean...did no one tell him this wasn't funny?

I had no idea who this guy was and was confused as to why this was nominated. After finding out that he is most certainly NOT a comedian, it made sense to me. Yet, I can't help but feel the fact that this is just a special, factor in my ranking. As bad as this was, I don't expect it to place high on my poop list because of that.
"A laugh can be a very powerful thing. Why, sometimes in life, it's the only weapon we have."

Suspect's Reviews

28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds
Airplane Mode

I hate Logan Paul, I feel he is the epitome of what is wrong with the internet social media culture of today. Unfunny and offensive and make tons of money.

This movie looks cheap, feels cheap and has a bunch of people I had no idea who they were. A truly annoying film that was racist, sexiest, and homophobic.

Bane (James Eaves, 2008)

I guess the first thing you notice about the film is that its shot on a potato and that is easily the least bad part of it. It looks terrible and the version on Tubi is cropped weird but there's some bits that look accidentally interesting while trying to do things that look cool in other films. Often something like that could be a big positive for me but its not doing it for me here, probably because of how mind-numbingly dull the film is and how much of a non-starter that initial premise is. They spend a lot of time on the whole "you're gonna die at this time" gimmick and it feels so irrelevant and underdeveloped, which I guess makes sense since its a red herring anyway but wow is it boring to sit through. Films with this narrative structure where everything hinges on a silly fake out reveal are always crap but especially when both what you're lead to believe is the story and what is actually the story are dumb as hell. At least what the film turns into in the last 25 minutes or so is a bit less boring even if its equally dumb (though lets be honest there was no bouncing back from the most boring 80 minutes of a movie I've ever seen in my life). While nothing is worse than the script, everything else is v. bad too. The lame Saw ripoff editing, the acting, the score especially, the scary surgeon guy carrying around what I'm pretty sure is a dollar store scimitar toy that was in every shop. Figured this would have been an appropriate last film to watch before scheduled spooky month viewings begin, being the one horror movie nominated, but gosh do I wish I just watched another Barbie movie instead. As of now I think this is the worst thing nominated in either of two halls we've had so far.

A Talking Cat

OOOOOHHH hoy. This was a really good choice for the HoI. This was less funny than Loqueesha and Loqueesha wasn't funny. And I freakin' HATED the cat effects when he was talking. The whole movie was front loaded with the most obvious family movie tropes, and in the end I didn't find myself liking any characters. Hell, Susan's family just plain annoyed me. And let's be honest: magic collar that only allows a cat to talk to a person ONCE? In other words, it's not even a movie ABOUT a talking Cat. And Roberts performance was nothing more than a half-assed Garfield impersonation. Probably worse than the new Marmaduke.