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Looking for Assistant to know the Specific Title of the Movie


Kindly help:
I am looking for a movie I watched a few years back, and here are some details I can remember:
  1. The main character is an 'English' guy, who is always dressed in the 'gentleman' style.
  2. The main character is always helped by a secretary. He predominantly calls her secretary "darling". They usually have 'something going' but in public always refer to each other as 'business associate'
  3. The secretary has some kind of hacking expertise and tech stuff
  4. The guys is some kind of a knight I would say (I though the name 'knight' is on the title, but all the movies I have searched with that name seems not to be the one
  5. One of the main plots is when a newly elected president of an African country (not sure if its Nigeria or actually fictitious) is sent some money but it disappears. The main characters helps to track the money
  6. In the ending scene, th
e main character is able to know the betrayer (who I think is someone who trained him or is related to his past in some way). The villain is trying to run away from the place. The main character is able to intercept some of the information being transferred and shares it with FBI. The main character confronts the villain as he tried to get into his car and run away. The villain (this part is more of a guess) tries to shoot the main character but the main character had already removed the bullets. At that same time, the FBI arrives and says the information intercepted is enough to keep the villain for a long time as it could be connected to terrorism (since the guy was powerful and through could escape the law). The FBI guy then turns to the main character to arrest him (or maybe lecture him) but finds out he has already disappeared in 'thin air'
I tried to give as much details as I could get. Not sure if I have anything more. The movie has some kind of setting that looks somehow closer to the 'James Bond style' or 'The Kings man' in terms of 'gentleman dressing and speaking'.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.