Old movie about a guy dying several times and coming back to life.


As the title says the movie is rather old ( can't tell which year but it was colored).
It's about a guy and his wife or girlfriend getting attacked by some other guys 3 or 4. Can't recall if they are androids or just aliens or from the future, but they are able to come back to life through some bracelet devices on their wrists.
At some point he steals the bracelets (if i recall correctly and ressurects several times).
Several action scenes are involved

Thanks in advance

In 'The 6th Day' (2000) there are three assassins who keep getting killed, and then resurrected. I don't recall if special bracelets are involved though.

The trailer is here:

That's not it. Thanks for the effort though!

Similar question here. See if there's anything in the thread that helps.
Yep that guy is asking about the same movie! 100% certain about that. Thanks a lot!

Props to Scallywag who found it, It's called

"Last lives"