I'm-a-Manic's 100 favorite movies

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#10. Blue Velvet - A Lynch film cleverly disguised with a gripping detective-story dressing.

#9. Apocalypse Now - The most beautiful war has ever looked.

#8. Pale Rider - Clint Eastwood’s not so known cowboy role is one of my favourites.

#7. Halloween - Carpenter has produced a being of true evil.

#6. Sweet Smell Of Success - Gets respect, though not nearly enough to its quality.

#5. Edward Scissorhands - Touching story about love and being an outsider.

#4. Taxi Driver - Even being objective here, Taxi Driver is the number one film about loneliness.

#3. Badlands - For the violent lovers, Martin Sheen is so amazingly cold in this film.

#2. Before Sunrise - This is for the pure and romantics and equally as good.

#1. The King Of Comedy - Poor Rupert Pumpkin, has to catch a break by doing something so unlike him. Hey, at least he won in the end, or did he? Was it all an imagination? That’s what makes this movie my favorite.

Blue Velvet is one of the very few Lynch films I liked.

Apocalypse Now is plodding, though beautiful, not a fan.

Watched Pale Rider on the tele actually, it's a nice little cowboy flick.

Halloween, classic.

Sweet Smell Of Success doesn't look like my thing.

Edward Scissorhands, great.

Taxi Driver, my favourite, big thumbs up.

Badlands, was good and Martin Sheen is as you say, but it lacked dark tone. The killings were so this, that, this, that.

Before Sunrise, haven't watched.

The King Of Comedy, I missed a lot on my top 100, TKOC would've been one of them, excellent character study.

Good overall list.

So great to see some love for Ransom... I absolutely love that movie...Mel Gibson has rarely been more affecting onscreen and the film is a triumph for the director and everyone involved.