Exposure to Sex and Violence


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Setsuko Hara is my co-pilot
I thought expressing a radical stance that is quite opposite to my actual one would be funny.
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Setsuko Hara is my co-pilot
Sorry I didn't contribute anything of value.

My basic opinion is that everything (legal) should be allowed in a work of art.

I don't think exposure to such contents has any inherently negative influence on a person unless the person had already been prone before the exposure took place. Not a source, but a contribution (one of many). That's why I'm not an advocate of "playing violent computer games will lead that kid to shooting everybody at his school" kind of thinking.

The representation of sex and violence in pop culture, well... it is how it is, but I hope people will not simply copy those patterns they see, but rather come up with their own conclusions and opinions based on (in case of children) their parents' commonsensical guide, or (in case of adults) their wholesome judgment.

One has to remember the representation of violence and sex in art does not reflect violence and sex in real life, nor does it represent the attitude of the person consuming this art towards these topics.

To forbid is not a solution. The solution is to allow, but at the same time inform and explain.

I think that's true as there are lot of movies that people do not copy it seems in terms of violence or sex. Not every guy tries to be James Bond for example.