Boardwalk Empire


Martin Scorsese and Mark Wahlberg are the money men behind this expensively mounted HBO series set in Atlantic City 1920, the first episode actually directed by Scorsese himself. The show stars Steve Buscemi as Enoch "Nucky" Thompson, a slick talking politician working both sides of the issue of Prohibition. Michael Pitt plays an ex-soldier named Jimmy Darmody looking for fast money and a new career with Nucky. Big bouquet to the production design team for recreating the boardwalk in 1920. Love the 1920 incubator. Loved thee Bible para-phrasing of the loaves and the fish story. Had a feeling Jimmy was a hothead, being ex-military and all. Haven't figured out where Michael Shannon's character fits in here yet. Loving the mixture of real life and fictional characters too. OOOH, Shannon's playing a fed...didn't see that coming. I love Lucy, she's hysterical. Jimmy really doesn't have the brains to be a double agent. hat's horrible what happened to Margaret. Is Nucky responsible for his wife's death? I'm assuming that was Margaret's husband on the b oat. TYhat restaurant n Chicago was breathtaking. Interesting show, too bad Scorsese couldn't commit full time to it because his touch is all over the pilot. Think I'll keep watching anyway.

Season1 Ep 2. So this show seems to be taking place pretty early in the career of Al Capone. Can't wait to find out exactly what happened to Nucky's wife because he seems consumed with guilt about it. Michael Shannon gives me a chill down my back every time he appears onscreen. Margaret was clearly expecting Nucky, not his brother. OK, I'm missing something, why is Elias threatening t take Margaret's children away from her? Didn't realize Nucky had all of the Boardwalk in his pocket. Liking the relationship between the Thompson brothers so far. Love that the latest technology in 1920 was the vacuum cleaner. Jimmy and his wife have sex while their son is in the room? Michael Pitt has this real DiCaprio quality that I like. "If you want to be a gangster in my town, you gotta pay for the privilege." Jimmy needs to catch his head before he doesn't have one. I am predicting now that before the season is over, Jimmy's wife will take his son and walk out on him. Jimmy shouldn't take his troubles out on the operator. Not sure if I agree with Margaret's feelings about Charity but understand her wanting to return Nucky's money. Who was the bloody stranger in the woods?

Season1 Ep 3, here we go. Great to see Michael Kenneth Williams join the cast. He was a great actor. Luciano wants to get taken care of as long as nobody knows about it. I wonder how long it's going to take Nucky to realize what a liability Lucy could be. Nucky really did send Margaret to a shop. I thought it was going to be a burlesque house. Loved that plaid suit Buscemi was wearing when Eddie Cantor was singing. How did I know Van Alden's writ was fake? For some reason, that shot of the baby incubator store right next to the salt water taffy store made me chuckle. Loved Van Alden expecting a dentist to bring a dying man back to life. Michael Shannon deserves an Emmy for listening to that translation and keeping a straight face. Loved that scene with Nucky and Gillian...a whole lot going on under the surface there. Lucy kills me, can't see Nucky putting up with her for much longer. That last scene with Jimmy and his girl was a heartbreaker. Can't believe they did that to that man right in front of his family. They couldn't wait until after they had left?

I watched a ton of this show, but eventually bailed out.
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OK, going to ep 4 of Season 1. Jimmy's not wasting much time upon arriving in Chicago. Lucy cracks me up every time she appears onscreen. Loved the referencing of Lillian Gish. Little disappointed that Nucky is only using Chalkie to get the black vote. Loved Gillian's handling of Luciano. it's kind of unsettling hearing terms like "darkies" and "coons", terms I find way more offensive than the N word. Love watching the alleged genesis of Al Capone. What kind of restaurant employee would set a table with a wine glass with lipstick on it? I get the point of the scene, that's ridiculous and should have gotten that employee fired. Loving Stephen Graham as Al Capone. Can't believe Capone got 50% out of that guy. He might pay for that down the line though. Chalkie had that klan leader sweating, didn't he? "Nothing there but six white men, twelve foot of rope and the pepperwood tree they hung him from." Thank you for not showing us exactly what Chalkie did with that wrench. The ego of Nucky planning his own surprise party. They're certainly taking their time with this thing with Nucky and Margaret. They've got multiple seasons why not? Margaret was bold with those political bigshots. The chemistry between Steve Buscemi and Kelly MacDonald is heating up nicely. That was Geoffrey Pierson playing the Senator? I know that voice anywhere.

Season 1 ep 5 on deck. At some point, I'm seeing Elias really turn on his brother one day. He's so jealous of him he can't see straight. Nucky really can't see the feeling that the Eidow Schroeder is developing for him? Pearl is using liquid opium to heal? Loving Dana Ivey as the head of the temperance league. Why did Margaret ask Nucky about the soda bread? Pearl is going to lose her job because Jimmy is turning her into a junkie. Was that Dominic Chianese at the Celtic Dinner? Why did Pearl do that? Why was Neary the only one arrested? Shea Wigham was very good in this episode. Wow, got the first kiss a lot sooner than I thought we would.

OK, let's try ep 6 of the first season. I'm guessing that was Nucky's monmey that guy got suckered into giving up. Now that he's kissed Margaret, how long is it going to take for him to dump Lucy, who I know won't go quietly. At least Margaret is smart enough not to expect a wedding ring from Nucky. Can't believe the way Capone treats his own family. Margaret needs to watch her step with Lucy right now. Buscemi was channeling Brando in that scene where he was laying down the law to Luciano. I love the running bit of Nucky hating the way his assistant knocks on the door every time he does it. Can't wait until Lucy finds out he moved Margaret and her kids into a new house. Jimmy and Capone sure know how to take a meeeting. Why would Capone knock on Jimmy's door and not say anything? Seriously? What Nucky did to Margaret sucks. The reveal of Van Elder's inner demons was quite the eye opener, did not see that coming.

It would probably sneak into my all-time Top 5 TV shows. You can see the seams at some points, and there are some characters that overstay their welcome, but it's neatly acted and consistently good.
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Season 1 Ep 7. Dominic Chianese was heartbreaking in his opening scene. Didn't know Jimmy had pins in his leg. Still hoping we get to learn what happened to Mabel...Nucky gets very uptight every time her name is mentioned. I was surprised that Eli was willing to take in his dad, I don't know why. So glad Chalky didn't fall for that guy's offer, it wasn't making any sense. Lucy just might be the most self-absorbed television character ever. She just expects Nucky to drop whatever he's doing anytime she wants something. Margaret's instinct about Nucky seem to be on the money. Nice to see she's not deluging herself about him. Didn't realize the guy hassling Chalky was Meyer Lansky. What's the point of Jimmy turning himself in with a fake name? When did Jimmy's girl start getting involved with Nucky? Buscemi was wonderful conveying the pain of Nucky's childhood, even without the dialogue. Loving Jack Huston as Richard Harrow and I like the relationship he's developing with Jimmy. I knew Nucky didn't send Lansky to Chalky. Margaret really needs to learn how to read the room where Nucky is concerned. Dabney Coleman finally hit the canvas. Loved Nucky's rhyming table blessing. I like that Nucky shared the baseball mitt story with Margaret...a real eye opener. I love Jimmy's razor sharp memories of his time in the military. Nic work, Jimmy. I knew he wouldn't let that guy walk. Wow...Nucky had it fixed up just to burn it down.

Season Ep 8 on deck. Eli is harboring some serious resentments toward his brother can't wait to see how they will manifest themselves. Loved Nucky buying the presidential suite. Love the Ritz Carlton production design, just breathtaking. "What are you two whispering about? Americans don't whisper." Can't wait to see a good old Krystle/Alexis catfight between Lucy and Margaret, the slap just didn't do it for me. Can Van Alden actually do what he's doing to Angela? That can't possibly be legal. Nice to see David Aaron Baker...have always liked him. Christopher McDonald! God, everybody is popping up in this series. Did that Senator actually use the word "trollop". Can't remember the last time I've heard that word used. The costumes in that party scene were stunning. Whoa...more Nucky backstory...a deceased son? Michael Shannon was bone chilling in that scene with Van Alden and his wife. How does a projector catch on fire? That red plaid suit Buscemi had on was incredible. The Nucky/Jimmy reunion was properly intense. Hope Eli gets the opportunity to learn how to read a room. Can't believe Nucky trusts Margaret or anybody else for that matter with that ledger book. Pitt and Buscemi nailed that scene after Eli was hurt. If that ledger could talk. Margaret should not have even answered that phone, let alone identify herself. Is all this stuff about Warren Harding dramatized for this series? why did Van Alden send his wife Angela's money if he didn't want her to have the surgery?

Now up to ep 9 of Season one. Just read that the principal characters on this series are not fictional, which I didn't realize up until now. Warren Harding's baby mama, Nan Britton, seems a little clueless and probably headed for a whole lot of heartbreak. The shopkeeper is right about Margaret having power she's not aware of. I'm pleased that Jimmy made Nucky clarify exactly what he wanted. Did those guys actually sign those contracts without reading them? I'm wondering now if the shopkeeper was lying to Margaret just to extort money out of Nucky. I really need for Angela to find out about Van Alden taking her mail. The Jimmy/Angela reunion was smoking hot. I get a big ol' smile on my face every time they mention a street on the Monopoly board. I hope Jimmy and Angela can find their way back to each other. Nucky needs to watch that sleazy deputy. Why are they Van Alden looking like an idiot? Why do they have him grilling Jimmy with questions that they know they aren't getting answers to? Who was that guy Billy? "The legal system is not your ticket to freedom." I'd pay good money to see Nucky break Jimmy out of jail. Haven't been able to figure out who Dabney Coleman's character is yet. Have no idea why Van Alden's guy killed that prisoner. The actress playing Sophie Tucker was terrific. The boardwalk finale held more than one surprise.

Season 1 Ep 10. Richard's makeup is incredible. The tape kept malfunctioning during the scene when that agent killed that witness so I never saw exactly what happened, but I can't believe he's getting away with it. If someone could let me know exactly what happened I would be grateful, I re-wound it four times and it kept malfunctioning right at that moment. "Success means enemies, which you'll soon discover when women receive the vote." "Nothing says I'm sorry like money." One thing I love about this show is the look we get a young Al Capone before he become the legend he did. It was sweet watching Richard break the ice with Margaret's kids. The kids played that entire scene perfectly. I feel a little bad for Van Alden...he has the whole story he just can't prove any of it. Loving the chemistry between Steve Buscemi and Kelly MacDonald, even though their characters are from two different worlds. Poor Angela...thrown under the bus by her own son. Another bone-chilling turn from Michael Shannon in that scene with Margaret. Al Capone was a riot in that scene in the synagogue. "We're going to make him the richest corpse in New York." really don't want to see Angela leave Jimmy, he really needs her. Jack Huston is just great as Richard Harrow. Is alcohol another Van Alden demon? Van Alden and Lucy? Who saw that coming? Wow, Chalkie killed that guy with his bare hands. Well, at least Lucy won't be alone when Nucky officially dumps her. Has h e officially dumped her yet? If he did, I missed it. Solid episode.

On to Ep 11. Did Harry Houdini really have a brother named Hardeen? The tension between Jimmy and Angela is so palatable right now, I hate it. So Van Alden is not buying the way the witness died? I'm shocked. Michael Badalucco was a little over the top during that party scene. The Commodore is Jimmy's father? Hope we get some backstory on this relationship. Does Nucky know that the Commodore is Jimmy's father? I can't believe Angela is planning to leave the country. OK, the death of this witness has just been clarified to my satisfaction. "Ride me like you used to and I'll soak the pillows through." Has Margaret had her fill of Nucky? Damn, butter wouldn't melt in Gillian's mouth. My question regarding Nucky and the Commodore has also been answered. I don't know if it's intentional, but there's a very incestual undertone to Jimmy and Gillian's relationship, She always seems to be looking at him like she wants to have sex with him. Didn't really understand why Van Alden was hassling those black folks at the baptism. Did Nucky really tell Margaret she had no right to decide whether or not she wants another child? At least the truth is out between Nucky and Margaret now. And it's nice to see that Margaret is not the goody two shoes she pretends to be. Interesting reveal that the Commodore might not be dying of natural causes. Something's got to give between the Thompson brothers. Have to wonder if Gillian poisoned the Commodore. I think Nucky is lying about Eli resigning, I think he fired him. I hope Angela will go back and try to work things out with Jimmy now. "Temptation knows no rank, Detective Sepso." I can't believe Van Alden did that in front of all those people and you just know somehow he's going to get away with it. How Michael Shannon didn't win an Emmy for this show is a msytery to me, he gives me chills every time he's onscreen. Love that final shot of the boardwalk at night.

And I'm set for the first season finale of Boardwalk Empire. Sepso died of a heart attack. Van Alden is really going to be allowed to get away with this? His boss threw him under the bus two episodes ago and now he's begging Van Alden to stay? Now that he's killed his partner? Love the way everybody cleared the room when Chalkie said he had to talk. Not sure why Nucky wanted to help that maid. Was it ever confirmed that Rothstein was a player in the Black Sox scandal or is he being framed? Jimmy having PTSD is not a shocker, but he doesn't seem to realize that's what it is, I guess it probably didn't have a name back in the 1920's. Thrilled that Jimmy and Angela have decided to give it another go. Nucky's hold on Margaret seems to be loosening. The story of what happened to Enoch's family was tragic, beautifully brought to fruition by Steve Buscemi. "We all have to decide for ourselves how much sin we can live with." I have to wonder why those people at the Baptism didn't go to the authorities. That Mary has major cajones sending Angela a postcard. The question of Rothstein's innocence in the scandal has been addressed to my satisfaction. m I'm glad Eli is still on the canvas even if he's not sheriff anymore. Nucky is unprecedented in the art of covering his tracks and keeping his hands clean. Eli is going to continue to be a problem that Nucky can't throw money at. I'm glad Eli got his job back. That was a great scene between Buscemi and Pitt in the hallway. God, how dim is this Nan woman? I'm glad things aren't over between Nucky and Margaret. Just enough unanswered questions to have me curious about season two.

You ready? You look ready
PTSD in the 20s was only ever known as shell shock, and the belief was once you recovered from the initial event youíd be OK.

Boy we humans were pretty stupid back then.

Season 2 is probably the best season of any show I have ever watched. I stand by that.

OK, let's do it...the second season opener! Nice to see Richard Harrow moving up in the ranks. Van Alden already left Atlantic City? Don't like that. The Klan with machine guns? Machine Guns? Did not see that coming.. Glad Chalkie got one of them. I see Margaret still hasn't realized that Nucky will never be the man she wants him to be. Jimmy's relationship with his mother is still creeping me out. She's got to go. Glad Van Alden hasn't left town yet. Van Alden appears to be the most unhappily married television character I've ever seen. Capone is becoming a real ticking time bomb. Is it me, or are the bills used for money on this show WAY too big to look real? "If Jesus came to Atlantic City, the places he wouldn't go." For some reason, I was surprised with the reveal that Chalkie has a family. Is Nucky that naive that he thinks the Klan can be controlled. Loved Kelly MacDonald's costume in that scene with the nun. The Commodore is in the Klan? Did I miss something> Jimmy's working for his father now? The Commodore's monologue about his hunting exploits was a waste of screentime. Nucky is playing a very dangerous game of race relations. That is so creepy that those guys came to the funeral in their robes and hoods. Shannon nailed that raid scene and his wife looked terrified and aroused at the same time. Is something going to happen between Angela and Richard? Jimmy would lose his mind. Jack Huston is just heartbreaking as Richard. Loved that Teddy was expecting a beating from Nucky. I see Nucky still thinks he can throw money at any problem. Lucy's given Van Alden a tab? Can't believe it took this long to see Nucky handcuffed. I'm assuminig Jimmy's gift was from his father.

OK, Season two, ep 2. Nitppick: No prisoner, even way back in 1920, would be allowed to keep his cigarettes. Michael Stuhlbarg was chilling in that scene with Jimmy. Believe it or not, Margaret's reaction to Nucky's arrest played exactly as I expected it to. It's time for Chalkie to stop believing everything that Nucky tells him. I don't think Jimmy and Luciano will ever be able to peacefully co-exist. Nucky handled that press conference. The Commodore has made quite the recovery...the last two episodes of season one, he looked like he was at death's door. Is this the beginning of the end of the Thompson brothers? "When you come face to face with destiny, do you want to be the bear? Or do you want to be holding the shotgun?" Well, Chalkie's lawyer MUST be good if he's Jewish. Why was it important to reveal the fact that Chalkie was illiterate at this time? Jim Neary's got to go...he seems to be the Commodore's # 1 toadie, not to mention the fact that he's being played by an actor I hate. Why do they keep trying to make us think that Jimmy and Luciano can co-exist? There seems to be a bit of sexual tension between Owen Slater and Margaret. Can't wait for Nucky to find out who took that ledger. I think Nucky really loves his brother, but if it came down to him or Eli, he would throw Eli under the bus in a hot minute. Eli definitely seems torn and conflicted right now. That was awesome watching Chalkie handle his business without moving a muscle. Enjoyed Jimmy's walk in the park too. Margaret blew me away...she plans to stand by her man, I was expecting her to betray him.