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The MoFo Top 100 Films Directed By Women Countdown: Preliminary Thread

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Yeah, did one of the previous curators send you the spreadsheet they use? I don't think anybody does the tallying totally by hand/from scratch. That'd be way more work.

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Someone did send me a template.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

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I'm thinking in about a week. That should give me the time to put the votes together and maybe allow for any last-minute submissions. Still waiting on @Harry Lime, for example.

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That was the joke - he even called it a terrible idea even though it seems like the only reason he comes back here is to vote in the big countdowns so it just seemed especially rude of him.

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Nobody sent any more lists in and I still haven't even started counting the lists I do have.

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Maybe. It's not like the countdowns themselves are going to overlap.

Should we start the preliminary period for the next countdown?
Maybe. It's not like the countdowns themselves are going to overlap.
Is this Directed by Women Countdown still going to happen?

If so, then I would probably wait until it's over before I announce the official start of the 1930s Top 100 Countdown. As I don't want to damper the excitement over the current countdown by starting the next.

But if this doesn't happen, then of course I will have to go ahead and make the preliminary thread for the 30s Countdown at some point.

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I really don't understand why the "Directed by WOMEN" countdown .... is being ran by another macho sh*thead!

It's not like you volunteered to run it.

Well, I'm following this countdown, and I suspect most, if not all, of the others who submitted lists also are. Personally, I'm too occupied by RL things at the moment to run an entire countdown, but maybe someone else could volunteer to do the tallying etc. if it's necessary?

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I do wish I was able to submit a list but I was too busy with The Mofo Film Awards and not seeing many films directed by women. This is an oversight I wish to correct in the near future.

Looking forward to the list though.
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Send one anyway. At this rate, I'll only stop accepting lists once I've actually gotten around to starting (or finishing) the tallying.

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I'd love to participate in this, but not with with two list obscurity. I say leave it to the voters discretion
I already decided to make it only one list for films for films that were solely directed by women.