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Before We Go

Chris Evans gives us his directorial debut in a small film about two people who spend one night together in NYC. Nick, played by Evans himself, is a musician and plays his trumpet at Grand Central Station when the beautiful, but clearly distraught Brook, played by Alice Eve, comes running through to catch the last train. She misses it. She also accidentally broke her phone. When he decides to chat her up he finds out her purse was stolen earlier and she must, absolutely must, get home tonight. Throughout the night these two discover secrets about each other, fears, goals and everything else that would make someone potentially fall in love, but do they?

I'll admit something here that might get my movie viewing card revoked. I've never seen any of the "Before Trilogy" films and even I know that this film borrows heavily from them. I don't know if I would have enjoyed this more or less, but for the most part, this film is genuine.

Most of the film works based on the charms of the two leads. Evans has always had that charm to him and he puts it to full effect here. The relationship between the two only has hints of romance. Evans, smartly, side steps the obvious romantic choices for something more real. I appreciated that. His directorial effort is nothing to shake a stick at. The script doesn't call for anything fancy, so it comes off as too easy a choice for him to start with. Shoot two good-looking people roaming around NYC, not too hard.

The script tries to find ways to make it impossible for these two to separate. Broken phones, no money, broken noses. The shortcomings here are few, but noticeable. I feel that fans of the Before films will either despise this film for being too familiar, or appreciate it as a "little-brother" of sorts.
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The Nice Guys (Shane Black, 2016)

Saw this a while ago but can't remember if I ever posted about it: Once it gets into its rhythm, the film is extremely funny and entertaining, with solid performances all round. Angouri Rice is a delight as Ryan Gosling's daughter, but there's no doubt that Ryan Gosling is the overall star of the show, giving a fantastic comedy performance. My problems with the film fall mainly with its final act, before then the plot - although traditionally difficult to follow - still worked and move the film along nicely, but following a significant moment it shifts to a gun happy action film.

Zootopia (Byron Howard & Rich Moore, 2016)

Another film that took a while to get going, but one that I found myself enjoying a lot once its detective story started properly. I have heard a lot about its positive message, and its definitely a positive for the film and makes it extra relevant in today's climate. In terms of animation and originality, I don't feel like the film does anything particularly great, but it's good in almost all elements.

Warlock (1959)


From the top 100 westerns list, this movie benefits from a terrific cast headlined by Henry Fonda, Richard Widmark, and Anthony Quinn. It's an interesting story with how it focuses on different relationships, but I could have loved it if there were a little more action.

10/10.. I like the Hotel Transylvenia Movie.. it is fun to watch

I think The Devil's Rejects might qualify.
You're right both are awesome! especially The Devil's Rejects which is one amazing and entertaining flick.
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Career Opportunities (1991)

John Hughes is a hero, nice work.

A treat for everyone who isn't in the slime thread - my 2022 Oscar pick for best actor is Frank Whaley.

I have to return some videotapes...
Serendipity (2001) -

Good film, but in these romantic comedies you always know the ending, so you kind of have to take it at face value. Heartwarming.
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Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter (2014)

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Angel Face (1952)

Surprisingly dark even for a noir! On a side note, I'm only realising now how brilliant Otto Preminger was.

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You're right both are awesome! especially The Devil's Rejects which is one amazing and entertaining flick.
Ehhhh, my recollection of The Devil's Rejects is...less than favourable. I gave it a
last year, whereas Pain and Gain is at least a
or maybe even a
for me. I may yet give Rejects a second chance because the fact that it's generally considered Zombie's best film is worth certain considerations, but until then...blah.


Sing Street -

A nice movie.
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Films and films
Samba by Olivier Nakache & Eric Toledano,

7/ 10

Good movie . loved Charlotte Gainsbourg in this movie
Films and films

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Juno (2007)

A pregnant smart-aleck teenager finds adoptive parents.

All hype aside, I genuinely enjoyed this movie the 2nd time around. Great cast and crisp writing. I don't mind the flip dialogue, as it defines and colorizes Juno's character -- she's a 16-year-old after all. Ellen Page does a great job, and the vibe of Allison Janney/JK Simmons as the parents are perfect and they effortlessly steal every scene they're in.

Despite all the cutesy pie hipness etc, the theme, situation and emotions are very real indeed, and that is what drives it.

One thing irritates me. The entire soundtrack sounds like a Prius commercial, and that makes me want to run into a tree headfirst as fast as I can. But that may or may not be the movie's fault....

I would have to say, overall, it still holds up 9 years later.

4.5 orange Tic Tacs out of 5
Under-the-radar Movie Awesomeness.

Well, as i mentioned on the " Movie You┤re Watching Tonight " Thread i watched In the Heart of the Sea. My opinion is that it┤s the best movie/reincarnation of the Moby Dic history yet.
Tb i am looking for friends that like to look movies.

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Sure, close enough.

The Lovely Bones
(with a minus - )

The first time I ever experienced such a unique movie category. They managed to make a serial killer chick flick. Tucci finally found a role that fits him like a glove. Sarandon was trying to pull the film towards comedy, while Wahlberg and Weisz were trying to keep it serious. Meanwhile, the kids were keeping the supernatural love story alive.

Ghost World (2001)


I haven't been into the teen angst types of movies since I was a teen in the 80's, so I never had much interest in seeing this. Other than ending a bit suddenly with a whimper, I thought this was awesome. The humor of the movie caught me completely off guard; I thought it was hilarious. Also a surprise for me was the performance of Thora Bitch. I thought she was absolutely brilliant. Great job as well by the supporting cast; Steve Buscemi, Scarlett Johansson, the hick convenience store customer, etc. Great pick for me by Miss Vicky.