How to Really Watch a Movie


As odd as the title might seem, many people do not know HOW to watch a movie. This is mainly because the person doesn't have interest in a certain movie or is very unorganized. No matter what, even if you do not want to see a movie and you end up watching it anyways, follow these guidlines. You never know, you just might like that film.
  1. Always watch a movie in a familiar room, because you do not want to get distracted from the film you are watching.
  2. If it is a comedy movie, watch it with somebody else. Results prove that comedy films are funnier when watching it with someone else. However if you are an independent moviegoer like me, best not to watch it with someone else.
  3. Make sure you are extremely relaxed. You don't want to keep on having to fidget around all the time when the movie is playing.
  4. Never constantly pause a movie, especially for a long period of time. This seperates your interest in the film from the rest of the world and problems in your life.
  5. Always have food and drink (that is if you feel you would want to have a snack in the film), and never get it later. Pausing is okay, but if you have to prepare your meal or do certain things to cook it, the pausing technique is extremely distracting. Always use the bathroom before a movie as well. If you feel that you will have to go to the bathroom during the movie even after you use the bathroom, try not to get a LARGE drink. Just have fun watching the movie, and possibly write a movie review on it after viewing the film. Good luck.

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What if we're at the theatres?
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

Well that should still apply, right? Red curtains, large screen just like every other movie theater mainly. Comedy movies in a theater, it's not like you have to go alone. Get releaxed, that's easy. Well you can't pause a movie at the theaters, which is in this case a good thing. Food and drink, you don't have to go on some crusade to find your snacks, do you?

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I could get nitpicky, but nah.

Also, your #2 rule doesn't necessarily have to apply to comedies. I can think of a few films that I've seen that can't really be classed as comedies but were still hilarious to watch in the company of others anyway Blue Velvet stands out in my mind, watching it by yourself can get a little creepy, yet I saw it in theatres a couple of months ago and thought it was comedy gold.

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I watch movies every night on my laptop in my bed.
I missing half of it since I'm dozing off all the time.
I often pause it to post here, or check my e-mail.
And I damn well like it!
Thanks for the guidelines mate, but I think we're all fine.
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Fair enough KK, but you can't really say you've experienced the films you're watching when you're watching them like that.

Unless of course, they're "movies", not "films".

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I watch movies the way Moviegoer outlines. I like movie "experiences", which is hard to achieve when you're pausing the movie. I'd imagine movie's like 2001 would be completely ruined if you went out to do make yourself a bowl of ramen in the middle of it.

But whatever, you do what you do.
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Well, 2001 does have an intermission, you know.

If there is a movie I've been waiting for in the theaters coming out the next day I try to not eat/drink early beforehand - how much does it suck to go to the restroom in a middle of a movie your seeing the first time.

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Thats some good advice mate, when we watch movies we wait untill the kids are in bed then watch the movie with some sort of chocolate
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Fair enough KK, but you can't really say you've experienced the films you're watching when you're watching them like that.

Unless of course, they're "movies", not "films".
I only watch movies I've already seen that way. Usually uncomplicated comedies. Watched Pineapple Express last night.

I'll risk sounding like a huge idiot when I ask; and what's exactly the difference between movies and films?

There is no one way/more accurate way to watch a film/movie. It all depends on the person. As long as they truly enjoy it, who cares how they watch it. It's not like we're learning how to drive a car, and need to follow the driver's manual. I'd sooner people not wing that one.

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Special K, unless I'm mistaken, people refer to the better movies in life, as film, and the crappier movies in life, as movies. I use both words randomly. Pretty much because, you know, they're all movies.

If I'm wrong, then someone else can answer that.

Can you tell us how to watch a naughty movie next?
Those are also good to watch with a friend of the opposite sex.
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Originally Posted by mikeython1
Those are also good to watch with a friend of the opposite sex.
Or same.

Hmmmmm...interesting thread.

For me, the ideal way to watch movies, especially great classics like West Side Story, Wizard of Oz, 2001: A Space Odyssey-to name afew, is to watch them on a great big, wide screen, in a real movie theatre, with the lights down low. It doesn't matter whether I'm alone or with other people.

If I need to make a trip to the lavatory, I make a point of doing that during any slower part(s) of whatever movie(s) I'm watching. The same thing is true if I'm watching a classic movie at home on the TCM (Turner Classic Movies) Channel, which I occasionally do.

With the exception of a film such as Billy Jack, I never, ever watch movies on my computer.

I don't have a DVD player, because I'm not much of a TV watcher. There's something special about going to the theatre and watching movies as they're really meant to be seen.

Wearing comfortable clothes, making sure that I allow ample enough time to get to the movie, to park, get a good seat and be comfortable are also important rules to go by. Getting a good night's sleep the night before is also crucial, especially with a film like West Side Story, which is always an exciting night for me.
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