Sun is Shining - Weather is Sweet (the reggae enclave)


I know most of y'all on here don't care much for reggae rhythms - that's your loss as far as I'm concerned - but I do and as it looks like it might be a mighty fine summer in terms of the weather I'm creating this thread to put all the reggae tunes I'll be listening to whilst Mofo-ing rather than putting them in the 'Listening to' thread. That way only people that want to listen to them need even know they exist.

Of course others can post reggae tunes here too should they wish

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Yellowman - Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
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Half Pint - Crazy Girl

Konshens - Gun Shot a Fire (Dancehall/Reggae)

Protoje - Kingston Be Wise

And because it's close enough.

Sublime - Caress Me Down

Grand Theft Auto V has a radio station called The Blue Ark, and it's my favourite in the game, I listen to it all the time, so yeah.