Sequels for movies that didn't have sequels (parody)


The Breakfast Club 2: Detention Harder

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane 2: Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

Cats 2: Ash Wednesday

Fatter City
Son of Kane
Parasites: This Time, It's War
Ballistic 2: Ecks Vs. Sever Vs. Godzilla
Fatal Attraction: Holding Me Fast
Pulp Fiction: The Next Seven Chapters
Blood Harvest 2: Having a Wonderful Time
Pencilneck: Eraserhead 2
Reservoir Dogs 2: Professionals

Dark City 2: Even Darker
The Next Day After Tomorrow
Dredd 2: Dredd by Dawn
Baby Driver: Terrible 2's
Hot Fuzz 2: Hotter and Fuzzier

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The truth is in here
Rope II: Roped In
Reservoir Dogs 2: Wassup Doggie?
The People Over The Roof
Jack & Jill 2: Over The Hill
Dressed To Kill: Dress For Success

Cheesy B-Movies

The Sequel of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Meta-Deconstructive Kaufman-Verse
Plan Z from Outer Space

More Stuff
Maximum Overdrive: The Turbo
Stormquest II: The Video Game
My Next Science Project

Sky Captain and the World of the day after tomorrow
A blimp flies over a vast ice field...

Waterworld II: The Way of Water

Police Academy 8: L.A. Riots