ideas on a list of true movies?


Can anyone list movies that are based on babies/children that are also based on true events? i have seen a few like "baby snatcher" "who;s child is this" "stolen miracle" etc but would like to see more,also drama and horrors based on true events too.thanks

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It's about a teenager but you might be interested in Compliance. If the events of the movie were not true people would criticize it for its implausibility. It's insane that this happened and even more insane is that it happened in several fast food places.

Thank you,they all sound good especially Compliance..will watch them all

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Grave of the Fireflies. There are changes here and there but overall it follows the true events pretty closely.
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There is an Austrian film called "Michael" from 2011 about a pedophile kidnapping a young boy and holding him hostage for 5 months. It is said to resemble a famous incident in Austria from 1998. The film is very good.

Cropsey (scary doc about child abductions, and just plain frightening in general, couldn't believe some of the coincidences. And there are images and sounds in that film that still give me the shivers. )

Also, Joshua. With Sam Rockwell and Vera Farmiga

What Maisie Knew with Julianne Moore
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The Girl Next Door (2007)
Yes, this came to mind.

Note the 2007. The other many movies with the same name are completely different and aren't at all related.

Also note the film is pretty disturbing; especially since it is very true.