Not trolling or anything, but if you give me a choice between rewatching TDKR or Batman and Robin then nine times out of ten I'm picking the one with the nipples. It's campy nonsense, but it's enjoyably campy nonsense that knows what it is and I can easily take it over something that seems like a contractually-obligated conclusion that sees fit to repeat its predecessors with slightly less verve.

In any case, no way is Nolan ever going to become the most downplayed/hated director as long as all the usual low-hanging fruit like Shyamalan or Bay or Snyder exist (regardless of how much they do or do not deserve that much disrespect). If anything, it only seems that way because he is one of the most famous directors working today so there's bound to be more people discussing him and his work in general, therefore a good cross-section of that will be people who don't like his work. Like the saying goes, you can be the tastiest peach and there will always be people who don't like peaches.

That being said, I think his output is so-so on average. He's made some good films (at least one genuinely great one with Memento) but I'd say more often than not his stuff is kind of middling, especially from TDKR onwards.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.