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7 is the only one I played from start to finish and was amazing. I should try another sometime.
I recommend VI (which is FF III in the US)
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Is that one on super Nintendo? Could be in the box of free goodies I got from my Aunt last christmas

A system of cells interlinked
Is that one on super Nintendo? Could be in the box of free goodies I got from my Aunt last christmas
It is! I have it on my lil' SNS Classic console. I played a fair amount of it somewhat recently, and it might be the best storytelling in the series. After a while though, the random battle aspect started to wear on me a bit. will get back to it eventually.

Sweet yeah they scored me big with CIB Final Fantasy 2 and 3, Link to the past, Secret of Mana. Oh and a complete in box super Nintendo. Nice adds to my insane collection.

...Nice adds to my insane collection.
I'll say!!!
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I'm addicted to FF7. I don't have enough fingers to count the number of times I have played it.

Pardon all the ads on that site, but there's the clips I shared on Xbox.
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Someday I should post my retro collection on here

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You can play all the Zork games for free on the web. A couple of years ago, when Lisa and I, and another couple rented a winter cabin next to frozen lake in NH, we sat around playing the first Zork, with one person reading and the rest of us discussing what to do etc. We got a decent amount of the way in, but then ended up getting stuck at one point, I don't think we ever ended up going back to it.
Did you get eaten by a grue?

Well, at this point, I own them all (I think the first three or four were part of a set for under six bucks total), so playing them for free is a moot point.

Actually, that sounds like a great way to do the text-based early games. Yoda and I get together sometimes (with Mrs. Yoda and two of his sisters) to have "game days" or evenings. This would totally work for something like that (although right now we have a huge backlog of other games we want to try---covid has kept us apart for most of last year).

A system of cells interlinked
Did you get eaten by a grue?

Trying to recall exactly where we got was pretty far into the game. I think there was a tall shaft of some kind, with multiple entrances, and we couldn't figure out how to get past that puzzle - I recall there being a basket on a rope or something. At that point it was late and night and our brains were all fried so we called it, and never got back to it.

That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
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Oh god, that just reminded me of that stupid thing where in MGS you had to get the frequency for Meryl off the back of the case.

Like...I rented that bitch. I ain't got no case art!

That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
With The Expanse out of the way, and work deadlines wrapping up (slightly), I'm hoping to get back into Bioshock tonight or tomorrow. Or maybe Star Wars: Fallen Order. I logged out without saving and it completely skipped a transitional cutscene that I feel must have explained something important cuz last I logged in I couldn't find anything to do or access walking around the ship. *fingers crossed*

Started playing New Vegas because everyone always talks about it like it punched their high school bully in the dick and gave their mother 1000 bucks, and it's fun enough so far. Haven't gotten far enough for anything to blow me away yet, and I feel like with games that build up to something amazing doesn't happen nearly as much as with movies, but I've had fun bashing peoples brains in with a lead pipe. I understand the emptiness being part of the feeling, but it isn't really all that fun walking for a decade just to get to wherever you need to be to progress. Besides that though there's a real charm to it all. Also I can't play it anymore because it freezes whenever I try to walk out of the area I'm in.

0/10 **** you

im excited to get mass effect legendary im happy that they remastered all 3 of mass effect games
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Just bought The Last Campfire and loving it so far. I'm a sucker for these kinds of platformers anymore.

PS4 as far as I know, but I have it on XboxOne