The New Mutants


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After 2 years of a troubled post-production, Disney and Fox are finally releasing the X-Men "horror" spin-off The New Mutants on April 3. It will be the final X-Men film before their eventual place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.Director Josh Boone is excited as his vision to the film will be seen with no interference (Kinberg...cough!)

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I'm looking forward to seeing it. I'm a fan of the X-Men flicks, without them we wouldn't have any of the Marvel movies, really. Maybe it'll be good and surprise everyone, you know? Rumor has it that Deadpool 3 will relaunch the X-Men into Marvel Studios, hopefully they at least keep James McAvoy as Professor X, because he did a good job with the sometimes nonsense he was given.
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I'm mainly intrigued by how much this one seems to be setting itself apart from your typical X-Men/MCU/whatever else kind of movie with its apparent horror vibe. Looks like a more conventionally superheroic version of Glass.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

I was quite interested in this when it was originally introduced. In some ways I still am but I'm really worried what the production issues and (as far as I know) practically remaking the film twice over has done to it.