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Out of curiosity I've been going thru old countdown lists and have noticed an anomaly present in every thread. It seems to go by the name Sexy Celebrity. It seems that every time one of these countdown threads would happen this person would show up and hijack the thread with antics that included anti-asian / anti-decade propaganda that would derail the thread and be a nuisance throughout the thread. A gong would be present and pestering would ensure. Could long time MoFo members enlighten me to this person....

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Sexy's banning, in the end, was kind of mutual. I think he had wanted to leave the site for a while, but couldn't bring himself to stay away (he had tried several times to leave MoFo on his own under various circumstances and citing different reasons), so eventually, he decided to start breaking rules until we were forced to ban him - he may have even asked to be banned at one point, but Yoda would have to confirm. For what it's worth, he took up a lot of time on the moderation side. I don't, and have never disliked SC, but I can say as far as this mod is concerned, I don't miss the constant flow of moderation cycles he consumed. SC is a good guy, but just had trouble reigning in the antics in the community.
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Yeah, Sedai has it mostly right. There was some stuff that forced our hands, some of which would be a little unfair to air in public if it's not strictly necessary. I know he got some help at some point, though, which is great.

I mostly liked Sexy when he was here. He could be really fun and really funny. I thought the place just wouldn't be the same without him and the idea of him not being here made me sad.

But now that he's gone, I find I don't actually miss him that much. As fun as he could be, he was also frequently frustrating and infuriating.

Sexy Celebrity still stops by and post at MoFo from time to time....then he gets banned, again. Most of you don't even know it's him but I always can spot a Sexy sock. He's had dozens of alt accounts too, I can't remember them all right now. Dorothy Michaels was one and of course the annoying but funny as hell Database Errol

This is the wackiest thing I ever read here:

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Sexy Celebrity was funny at times, but I find myself missing the down-to-earth users more. Dani8, lenslady and cat_sidhe were really nice and made me feel welcome on the forum. Cat_sidhe isn't around as much anymore, and the other two haven't been on here in years.

Laughing hard at this. Never seen it before. Thanks for sharing.

EDIT: Apparently I have and even posted in the thread saying it's not funny. Oh well.

PS: Psychic Isaac was his alt, too.
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