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MoFo Fantasy Football 2022 - The Season


Yeah, I was tempted to cross him off, too. But I don't wanna overstate things: I knew he was a risk when I drafted him and it's one of the reasons he went in the 4th. I think it's still pretty crazy how useless (and how quickly useless) he ended up being, but I knew there was a lot of variance in that one at least.

I’m just bad at fantasy football I think
Nah, you were essentially tied for 3rd in points coming into this week. You've just been screwed by the random timing of the schedule.

Man, the Burrows to Chase connection is already looking like an all timer isn't it?
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

I lost a close one that I didn't really have any business being in. The wildcard that kept me afloat this week came from an unlikely source: The Cleveland Browns DEF. I picked them up off of the waiver wire with the fairly obvious strategy of whoever is playing Houston this week will be a strong play. It was an even bigger bloodbath than I anticipated as they scored THREE touchdowns: a 76-yard punt return, a fumble returned for a TD, and a pick-six. My DEF got me thirty frippin' points! Would have been even more if not for some garbage time scoring by The Texans at the end of the game.

Of course nobody ever expects to get three touchdowns from their defense/special teams. You're usually happy if they can muster double digits in fantasy points. I lost a close game last season partially because my DEF got me negative points. So I'll take one of these to balance the scales.

If only the rest of my squad had responded. Samaje Perine did his part, once again taking the role as lead back for Cincy with Mixon out on concussion protocol (Concussion Protocol would be a good band name, you can have that for free). He never found the end zone but had 106 yards rushing and another 49 on six receptions for 18.50. Sadly for me and for any Titans fans, Derrick Henry was handled once again, this time by Philly, allowing him only 30 yards rushing and two short passes for another 8, no scores, which left him with an anemic 4.80. Just plain not enough.

And Justin Herbert was OK in the loss to Vegas, though his 335 passing yards were only accented by one TD (20.10). Christian Kirk continues to be my best return on value from the draft. Got him down in the middle rounds and he has been my top WR. He had another 100-yard game on six catches (13.40), though he didn't find the end zone in the drubbing at Detroit. Deebo Samuel has most definitely had his production squashed by McCaffrey joining the backfield, and now that Frisco is on their third-string QB...his future doesn't seem rosy, in fantasy terms. He had six receptions for just 58 yards and only another 5 rushing (9.30).

TE continues to be a weakness after burning my fourth overall pick on Darren Waller. Cole Kmet has been a good play of late when Fields is healthy for Chicago, but being his first week back I wasn't sure how long or well Justin might go so I plugged in Foster Moreau instead, hoping The Raiders and Chargers may have a bit of a shoot out. They did, but Moreau wasn't involved, with only one reception for 32 yards nowhere near the end zone (3.70). And that was a fatal flaw as Kmet had six catches for 10.20 points, the difference of which would have won me the week.

And that brings me to my second fatal flaw. I went back and forth all week of who to start in my FLEX spot: Baltimore's Gus Edwards or KC's Jerick McKinnon. I chose poorly again, starting Gus who did almost literally nothing (12 rushing yards for 1.20) while McKinnon had a nice day including a TD (13.00). It didn't help that The Ravens were so inept in their 10-9 win that even the great Justin Tucker couldn't help me (a short FG and one PAT for 4.00).

I lost 109.50 to 105.00. At 7-6 I am in fifth place, which is nice and all, but I needed this win to lock in the playoffs. There are four teams just behind me in the standings at 6-7, two of which have more total points than me, including Bustin' Justin's Bad Boys who I play this week and who are heavy favorites. Could his Josh Allen, Travis Kelce, Nick Chubb, Amon-Ra St. Brown, and the Dallas DEF going against the hapless Houston Texans all underachieve and I get the win? Sure, it's possible. Not bloody likely, but possible. Which means it will come down to total points whether my 7-7 record is going to put me in the last playoff spot or just on the edge looking in. Let me just shake my Magic Eight Ball.....SIGNS POINT TO SORRY, SUCKER.
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On a bye in first in my other league, but not the best luck over here.

We are on to next week!
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Going to be an interesting final week as we have 5 of us fighting for those last2 spots.

I need a few peeps to lose and I need to win, which isn’t a guarantee at this point no matter the prediction. We may have 2 of us at 7-7 squeaking in, unless Holden wins his game.

Either way, Clowns has become the team to beat as he looks to become only the 4th team to win this league at least twice, joining Yoda, Beantown, and Empire.

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Mine and Holden's game seems to be for the 5th seed. If he wins, he gets there on record, if I win, I get there on points. I don't think anybody will outscore me by 100 points. If I lose, I need the other three 6-7 teams to lose as well, that's a tall ask, and most likely I am just eliminated from the playoffs despite being pretty damn close to a top three scoring team. If I do win, the scoring to determine the 6th seed becomes very interesting.

Technically I can still snag a bye (should be cruising to it, but I barely lost to Spaulding and then barely lost again because of two massive injuries), but it's a long shot. Cooper got hurt in practice so I might be missing him, too, in addition to Jackson. I'm more or less playing with an entire team of backups.

It'd have been a helluva team if it'd stayed healthy (or even just suffered, like, just one fewer major injury), but as it stands it's pretty average and should limp into the playoffs, and will need to get a little lucky to make much noise.