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Hi All!

First time on this forum, so I thought I'd introduce myself. The name's KSchad, and I am Minute Reviews! I've had a love for movies (and TV) my whole life, and in 2019 I started One Sentence Reviews. I changed over to full reviews in 2021, changing names to Minute Reviews. My full reviews are typically 3-10 minutes. I also have Quick Thoughts, where I do a review in 2 minutes or less. Feel free to check out my YouTube channel where I post the reviews of movies and TV, as well as videos about collectibles, gaming, etc https:// www . youtube . com / ASSCStudios I'll obviously only post the movie reviews here lol. Also check out my Facebook page https:// www . facebook . com / FatmanIncKS where you'll see the thumbnails for all previous and upcoming reviews. I look forward to contributing to the community!

Welcome. I like the one-minute idea, although I might need a second minute to correct spelling and syntax.

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Hello and welcome!
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