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The Cabin In The Woods


I loved it but It was soo grotesque and almost sadistic and I really wanted to hop into the movie and attack the two geeks in the control room.
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Saw this last night & thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish; the movie goes seamlessly from shocks, to gore, to comedy & back again in a way I have never seen before - very refreshing to see such an original take on a standard mainstay of the genre. There are too many good scenes to list & too many good performances, but Mordecai the gas station attendant really stands out as an example of how to deconstruct a movie cliche - brilliantly played.

I fully intend to watch this again very soon, but must try to keep count of the various nods to other films - if anyone enjoys any genre of horror movie from the last 20 or so years, you need to see this.

My favorite line (which genuinely made me laugh out loud) sounds nothing out of context, but:

"I'm still on speakerphone, aren't I"

Definite 10/10

Finally saw this movie over the weekend and it ruled! Really clever, very impressed. Joss Whedon is on such a major tear lately! Really fun.

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Sorry Harmonica.......I got to stay here.
Enjoyed this film very much. The first half was like, WTF?, and that last third was like a tidal wave of awesomeness.
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Finally watched this just an hour ago on DVD, after carefully avoiding all spoilers.

I just loved it. I'm NOT a fan of gore and horror in and of themselves, but I'll put on AMC's Fear Fest all month in October and watch all the classics from the '80s and '90s back to back to back. So, I know the genre well enough to have enjoyed the nods in this one. I can sit here yelling at the TV when the classics are on, laughing my head off at how cheesy and obviously predictable they all are. (This week they're playing a lot of the Friday the 13th movies, and it seems every one of them has a fake-scare where someone offstage tosses a cat through a window. <snort>)

Anyway, Whedon's humor on top of all the masterfully done scares works wonders for a squeamish person like me who won't typically see movies like this in the theater (in the dark, 40 feet wide). I did see the original Halloween movie in the theater back in the '70s though, so, kudos to me.

WARNING: "Spoilers" spoilers below
I absolutely loved the control room banter (and I guessed pretty early on what was going on -- just a hint at first of thinking it was mere voyeurism of some sort, and then realizing right away that this was likely devil/demon-driven).

But what I loved the most was the elevator-lobby-gone-to-hell (literally, I suppose!) in the last third of the movie. The way those elevators all "DING!"ed and then the doors opened made me laugh out loud every single time, especially when the carnage started to pile up ... and they'd still cut to a shot of a now-blood-spattered elevator light, only to have it chime cheerily, "DING!" yet again.

And, of course, at one point one of the elevators opens and a gush of blood comes out, a la The Shining. Loved that little tidbit too.

I see others thought the unicorn was over the top, but I thought it (along with the clown on the control room screen) was just marvelous. Kinda like one final jab of "See? EVERYTHING you thought was magical is going to sh*t!"

I didn't mind the eagle crashing into the force field early on. In fact, before that happened, I kept thinking this was merely a simply homage/parody to the classic slasher horrors but didn't expect much else, really. Not really. I said out loud, "Oh, now THAT is interesting!" and sat a little closer.

Total campy fun, even for someone who will never willingly see a "Saw" movie due to the unmitigated gore. The gore in this was splendidly done and yet watchable in some sort of "train wreck" way of not being able to stop watching. In fact, I sat here at my desk chair watching it on the TV about ten feet away, but at some points I was so enthralled that I got up, pulled up a small ottoman and sat about 2 feet from the screen, not wanting to miss anything. I must've done that a dozen times in an hour and a half.

Ask Yoda -- I am NOT the type to do that with a horror movie with any gory scenes in it!

I'd give it a 4.5 out of 5, only because I guessed what was going on way too early, and I'm not especially good at that. Otherwise, totally glad I avoided spoilers and loved it!

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YES!! Such a good flick. I agree with pretty much all of what you said, Au! I watched it twice in two days...
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From my website: For this review, we at Shiny Potato thought we would give you two reviews, from the perspectives of both a horror fan and a non-horror fan.

David: Having not seen a horror film in years, I was looking forward to seeing The Cabin in the Woods. I had heard good things about it, but considering Halloween (which I thought was awful!) is described as classic, I went with an open mind, ignoring the opinions that I had read.

As can be seen in the trailer, the film appears to be something like a gruesome, murdery Truman Show created by Drew Goddard, and Joss Whedon, who everyone must know from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Five teens set out for a vacation in, you guessed it, a cabin in the woods. Kristen Connolly plays main character Dana, a quiet naïve girl, with friend Jules (Anna Hutchison), Thor star Chris Hemsworth as Jules’ boyfriend Holden, and pot-smoking Marty (Fran Kranz). Not long after arriving, they settle in, and soon find out their vacation isn’t going to be the relaxing experience they thought it would be!

At around one and half hours, it isn’t the longest of films, but as the story isn’t usually the strong point in horror films, it seems long enough to fit in plenty of action, frights, and surprises.

When the credits rolled, my initial thought was “What the hell was that?” but I really enjoyed it. When we look back, it might not be put in the same group of ‘classics’ as films like Halloween, but because of its entertainment value, I think The Cabin in the Woods is a class above!

David’s Shiny Potato Rating: 4/5

James: I’m the complete opposite from David – I’m a huge horror movie fan, yet I wasn’t desperate to see this film based on the trailer. However I saw that Joss Whedon has co-written the script with Drew Goddard (“Cloverfield”), and so I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt, seen as Mr Whedon can do no wrong.

Wow! is all I can say. This film entertained me from start to finish. I absolutely loved it. Imagine “Scream”, “The Truman Show”, and every horror film set in a cabin in the woods were all thrown into a blender – what you get is “The Cabin in the Woods”. Like Scream, it has a sense of self awareness, but the difference being the characters don’t constantly compare their situation to a movie. In fact they are quite dumb, clichéd characters – but that’s the whole point. They all fit into horror movie archetypes – the stoner, the athlete, the virgin, etc. You’ve seen these characters before in a hundred other movies, yet it feels different here. Perhaps its because they really aren’t the main set of characters – not wanting to spoil anything, but there’s a whole other scenario happening simultaneously to the ‘cabin’ story, and the film is genius in how it jumps back and forth between the two.

And don’t expect to have the film figured out by the trailer – in true Whedon style, the film throws a curve ball against how you imagine the story is going to go. The final act is utter ridiculous, and will make or break the film for you. I won’t lie, it may turn a number of you off. I however thought it was fantastic, and really made the movie for me. It reminded me of 2009′s brilliant “Drag Me To Hell” – that film just felt like a Sam Raimi film, and “Cabin” really feels like a Joss Whedon movie.

I think the more horror films you’ve seen, the more you will appreciate this movie. It constantly winks at the audience, thought not so much to be distracting. It also ties in the whole horror movie universe, and actually gives legit reasons for the clichés and trappings of the genre. If you’re at all a horror film, you owe it to yourself to go see this movie.

Plus, it's got a hell of a cameo at the end.

James’ Shiny Potato Rating: 5/5

The "Force Field" as You call it, seems to be stolen from the Assassin's Creed video games

I don't know how to do spoiler tags on this site, so I'll just write very vaguely so users who haven't seen it won't have it ruined.

The place they visit, that isn't the cabin, or the woods, seems very out of place in the movie, and has no relation to events preceding it, for me, to the point where I feel like I'm watching a different movie.

Finally got round to watching it, I was expecting it to be a run of the mill horror, to my surprise it was something very different, it has been sometime since I was surprised that much by a movie. Really enjoyed it, very original.
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Loved it, one of the best horror-comedies in years. I also enjoyed how for perhaps the first time in horror movie history...

WARNING: "Cabin in the Woods" spoilers below
...the stoner is the protagonist and survives 'till the end with the final girl. Especially the bit about how he bought weed from a different source than they expected, and it protected him from their manipulations.

****ing loved that moive, went in thinking the same it was gonna be the typical slasher, HA but no. It's good we get to know what ended up to Eric from Billy Madisen after the moive.

I found for this movie to be a highly ambitious movie, I found myself laughing numerous times, and found myself surprised in-others, a very fun and entertaining movie to say the least.

Totally loved this movie. An absolutely brilliant new spin on the genre.

Thought the ending was very Lovecraft like.

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To be honest, you'd have to dig horror to REALLY enjoy it, at least as much as I did. I hope people get a chance to go see it and like it when it's released about a month from now.

I love Horror but all my friends who have seen it have said I would hate it. I'll take they word on it, I have no plans on watching it.