Sexiest Actors/Actresses


Keira Knightley
Natalie Portman
Thora Birch

Jessica Alba

Bride Of Billie
Leigh Whannell
Cary Elwes
Billie The Puppet
Tobin Bell

Hilary Duff
Tara Reid
Scarlett Johannson
Kirsten Dunst

WOW im so common i mean i think Angelina jolie has always been my hottest chick ever since hackers!!! i would go bi for a sexy chicka like her!!! a few others on my sexy chick list... lucy liu, salma hayek, christina ricci, michelle pfeiffer, and wow i know i had a longer list b4 but now nada!!! hmm and now for the real yum! Olivier martinez in unfaithful, jude law in gattaca, johnny depp in nothing and i mean nothing nada take it all off!!!, ashton kutcher he too could be in nada!, and clive owens in le croupier... hmm i know i am so missing many but o well!!
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Catherine Zeta-Jones
Elizabeth Hurley

Angelina Jolie
Jennifer Aniston
Hilary Duff
Kirsten Dunst

Gillian Anderson off of The X-Files, is smoking.

Jessica Alba
Michelle Rodriguez

Bar none. . .
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Uncommon beauty

Uma Thurman

Jake Gyllenhaal
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Men : Sean Connery (still)

Women : Natalie Portman & Naomi Watts
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Originally Posted by Bear4prezz
Women : Natalie Portman & Naomi Watts
I know this is about sexy but I'm losing patience with Natalie Portman as an actress. I thought she was terrific as a young girl and had an "old soul" thing about her but her performances as a young woman haven't met expectations. One exception would be her role in Cold Mountain. I thought she nailed that but it was a smaller role, not a lead.

I could say the same about Anna Paquin. Tremendous as a youngster but less than earth shattering as a young woman. She does fine in supporting roles but can no longer carry the lead IMO.

Maybe both of these young women will surprise me and turn in a great performance in a leading role. I hope so.

BTW, totally agree about Naomi Watts.
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Jack Gyllenhaal


Angelina Jolie, who doesn't think that gun weilding robust beauty is super sexy?

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Hilarry Duff
Rachel McAdams
Cameron Diaz
Katie Holmes
Tara Reid
oh i think ive already done this

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sexiest actresses:

all of the actresses from the sopranos
naomi watts!
sharon stone
kate beckinsdale
elisha cuthbert
catherine zeta jones

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Eliza Dushku
Jennifer Garner
ALyssa Milano
Elisha Cuthbert

no men in my list

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yes,elisha dushku too!!!

Read this and you are a nosey Kont
Jessica Alba.
Maggie Grace.
Reese Witherspoon.
Jennifer Love Hewitt.
Elisha Cuthbert.
Jane Kaczmarek.
Evangeline Lilly.
Julie Condra.
Jennifer Garner.
Michelle Trachtenberg.
Katherine Heigl.
Amy Acker.
Kristen Kreuk.
Ellie Cornell.
Katherine Isabelle.
Erika Christensen.
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