First R rated movie you ever saw?


Well, I had seen many R-rated movies on TV when I was just a wee one, but I believe the first one I saw in the movie theatre was Friday the 13th part 8. I went with my mom and I was only 5 (it was August, 1989, I believe). It was a little spooky only because someone dressed up as Jason Voorhees and walked around the theatre with a fake machete. I saw Nightmare On Elm Street 5 a week later when it opened.

Terminator 2 was my first R-rated movie, back in the day I thought I was so cool for watching an R rated flick. All of my 5 year old chums were jealous when I told them
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I'm thinking Robocop 2, though I can't really say for sure, I was probably too young to remember. Is Jaws R rated? if so then that's probably it.

I have no idea what my first 18 (UK) was, but at the cinema it was Blade 2, when I was actually 18, I never really saw the need to sneak into films when I was younger,most of the films released as an 18 didn't appeal to me

the first R rated movie i remember was the first terminator, oh or pumpkin head, my dad used to make me watch that..scary back then

Originally Posted by asgoodasded
the first R rated movie i remember was the first terminator, oh or pumpkin head, my dad used to make me watch that..scary back then
Your dad use to "Make" you watch it?

Pretty Woman in 5th grade at a sleepover...boy, was my mom pissed! I thought it was a porn.

I haven't got to see one yet, parents won't let me until I am of age.

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No rated R movies for me yet, but I did catch about 5 minutes of the 40 year old virgin that my parents were watching when I came downstairs.

The rating system here in Italy is quite different.. i think .. the first "14" movie i have ever seen was Pulp Fiction.

I enjoyed it so much that i started watching movies with heavier ratings.

I'm 15 and i have seen uncut "Romance".. god, now i know why i'm messed up. Lol.

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Predator, Terminator, Jurassic Park...can't really remember which I saw first...All were and still are calssics, and probably always will be... Ooh I could have been Friday the 13th...
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Eye of the Needle. Donald Sutherland WW2 spy flick. First time I saw boobs onscreen. Friggin' bitchin!
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I think the first R movie I saw was Existance. Or The Matrix.

Rambo III, I snuck in, was probably 14-15.
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o man..for some reason i remember this was Starship Troopers

Air Force One in 1997. Only 7 years old baybe. The best part is I've been allowed to watch R-rated movies ever since then. Golly gee I love my parents.
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Robocop (I swear it was only rated M15+ at the tim though)

If that's true then American Samuri No Plot Kick ass fight scenes

The first R rated movie that I saw was "Animal House." The second one was "Old School" and this is where I have a question. In "Old School," when the guys are going on campus to the review board, there is music playing when they are walking down the stairs (it's also on the title menu on the DVD). Is this just music made for the movie, or is it a song?