Chris Penn has died


here's is sad...thanks for posting nebbs.

Actor Chris Penn Found Dead at Residence
Wednesday January 25 2:51 AM ET

Actor Chris Penn, brother of Sean Penn, was found dead Tuesday at his condominium near the beach in Santa Monica, police said.

Police said they discovered the 40-year-old actor's body around 4 p.m. Lt. Frank Fabrega said there were no obvious signs of foul play.

Sean Penn's publicist, Mara Buxbaum, issued a statement saying that "the Penn family would appreciate the media's respect of their privacy during this difficult time."


Chris Penn's body was found inside the four-story condominium complex after police were called by someone from within the building, Fabrega said.

Penn's body was discovered in a bed inside the residence, located in a four-story condominium complex near the beach on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, said Capt. Ed Winter of the county coroner's office. Authorities were called to the condominium complex by Penn's housekeeper, Winter said.

An autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death, authorities said.

Chris Penn's credits included "Mulholland Falls," "Rumble Fish," "All the Right Moves," "Footloose" and "Rush Hour." He also played Nice Guy Eddie Cabot in the 1992 Quentin Tarantino crime drama "Reservoir Dogs."

His late father, Leo Penn, directed television shows. His mother, Eileen Ryan, is an actress whose credits include "I Am Sam," "Magnolia" and "Parenthood." Another brother is musician Michael Penn.

Chris Penn's latest film, "The Darwin Awards," was scheduled to premiere Wednesday at the Sundance Film Festival.

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I liked him best in Reservoir Dogs, True Romance and Best of the Best.

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I was reading about this during the age that it takes MoFo to load in the mornings. It's such a shame and I rated him as an actor.
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I, like many people I'm sure, first really noticed Chris in Footloose (1984). Very silly and dated movie, but the sequence where Kevin Bacon's character tries to teach Penn's rhythmically-challenged farmboy how to dance (to Denise Williams' "Let's Hear It for the Boy") is the flick's most charming piece. Footloose was his third major feature, following Coppola's Rumble Fish and the Tom Cruise High School football drama All the Right Moves. Being such an Eastwood fan, I'll always remember him from Pale Rider (1985) as Josh LaHood, the scumbag son of the corrupt owner of the mining operation who kidnaps Megan (Sydney Penny) and has to be taught a lesson by Clint's mysterious Preacher. The only time Chris got to act on the big screen with older brother Sean was in At Close Range (1986), and they played brothers in the film as well (to a villainous father played by Christopher Walken). Their mother, Eileen Ryan, played their on-screen grandmother, and it marks the only time she worked with Chris (she has worked in movies with Sean three more times thus far, including Judgement in Berlin directed by Leo Penn).

For the next few years the biggest roles he had were in the karate flick Best of the Best (1989) - Penn earned a black belt in real life - and Mobsters (1991). He was working frequently, but hadn't really made his mark yet. Then came Reservoir Dogs (1992). Chris Penn could have lived to be eighty and made sixty more films, he'd still have been Nice Guy Eddie Cabot to most, the sweatsuit-wearing son of the man in charge who wants to know how the job got so ****ed up and where his Daddy is. You can tell how much of an impression Dogs had on the casting agents and directors in Hollywood when you see that Chris was in SIX features released in 1993, the year after Tarantino's movie made him. Sure one of them was Best of the Best 2, but he also had a nice little supporting role in Tony Scott's True Romance (from another Quentin screenplay), Paul Mazursky's satire of low-budget filmmaking The Pickle, the indie coming of age flick Josh & S.A.M. and the disposable family sequel Beethoven's 2nd. He's also in two of my favorite movies of 1993: Robert Altman's L.A. ensemble Short Cuts as the pool-cleaner husband of a phone-sex performer (Jennifer Jason Leigh) who's frustrations boil over one sunny day in the park, and coming in at the end of The Music of Chance as the tough guy son of M. Emmet Walsh.

The next few years he continued to work in projects as varied as Imaginary Crimes (1994), Mulholland Falls (1996) and To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (1995). The best of his post-Reservoir roles, his only true leading role, and maybe the best work of his entire career came in Abel Ferrara's The Funeral (1996). Chris was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award as Best Lead Actor, though he lost to William H. Macy in Fargo (the other nominees were Chris Cooper in Lonestar and Tony Shalhoub & Stanley Tucci in Big Night). Unfortunately despite the critical raves he got for The Funeral, it was the last good role he ever really got. He settled into becoming a character actor who might show up anywhere, from Rush Hour (1998) and Starsky & Hutch (2004) to Corky Romano (2001) and Stealing Harvard (2002) to Murder by Numbers (2002) and After the Sunset (2004), often just for a scene or two.

It's too bad his career had stalled after The Funeral, but for dying at forty with twenty-five years or so in the movie business, he left a decent body of work behind him and a few projects that will outlive all of us.
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When I read this, the first movie that I thought of was At Close Range

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I can't believe he was only 40. He seemed older.

His best film was "At Close Range". His death scene was just amazing in that. I'd also count that as Christopher Walken's best film too, before he turned into the token weird guy.

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A sad day, always hits harder when it's somebody you don't think of being that old.
He was in some great films, and didn't really get the credit he deserved, a better actor than some of his films might suggest.
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Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbour?

Usually, celebrity deaths come in 3's. Who could be next? Tom Sizemore?

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Perhaps, but I doubt that obit story would have the line about not suspecting foul play.

Oddly, the first Chris Penn movie I thought of was To Wong Foo. Yeah, I know. Sorry.

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I really liked him in Summer of Sam.

EDIT: You know, just after i posted that i'm actually not too positive he was in Summer of Sam. But i could swear that he was? Oh well, its late and i need bed. Mind you Lindarelly, he made me laugh in To Wong Foo... He played a good homophobe.
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Originally Posted by blibblobblib
I really liked him in Summer of Sam.

EDIT: You know, just after i posted that i'm actually not too positive he was in Summer of Sam. But i could swear that he was?
Ummmmm, no. Chris Penn ain't in Summer of Sam.

I guess you're thinking of Michael Rispoli, who's appeared in such projects as "The Sopranos", Rounders and Death to Smoochy. But that's only a guess, I don't really know who you mistook for Penn.

Anyway, Mr. Rispoli is alive and well.

I thought he was awesome in Reservoir Dogs. What a shame. Only 40 too.

Sad news

R.I.P Chris

You ready? You look ready.
R.I.P. A very sad day indeed.
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R.I.P, so young, to me he will always be nice guy Eddie.
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I can't believe it. I'm positive he'll be missed among the acting community, and all of his fans as well.
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