Music that scares you and/or messes with your head.


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any music i like does
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Originally Posted by led_zeppelin
Artist: Pink Floyd (big surprise there huh?)
Album: Ummagumma
Song: Careful with that Axe Eugene.
Badass song, and yes, creepy the first time you hear it. Songs don't really scare me though, but Pink Floyd does mess with my head.

Other than Pink Floyd, very few mess with me and not really any scare me. The song that most messed with my head, and always does, is Green Bird from Cowboy Bebop. Might be from a show, but that song sends chills down my spine. Cowboy Bebop is full of great music though.
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"Exhale" - Prodigy (esp. the video) scared the blank out of me when I was younger.
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I just hate the f*ckin Eagles.
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Originally Posted by Piddzilla
Yeah, "Come to daddy" is one scary video. I remember the first time I saw it. I was home alone and it was past midnight because MTV didn't air the song during daytime. I had... ehrm.. inhaled quite a considerable amount of ...Mother Earth's finest... and that song came on. And I didn't know what to feel the most - scared or fascinated. It's a brilliant song and one of the best videos ever made.
Windowlicker is up there too
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Anything that would be considered death metal. Just the word death associated with music scares me.

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I think nothing freaks me out ( in any kind of music ) but snakes freak the hell out of me >
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I just hate the f*ckin Eagles.
That's it. . .prepare for some fisticuffs, rap scallion!
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