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this is my very first post on this site and on pretty much any forum, but i'd like to say to Movie Bug that ur a frickin GENIUS! i love all of the things u suggested, and i disagreed with a few things here and there, but overall it was fantastic. if u were to help make the movie, i know it would do well. at least, with a good budget.
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but for link i mean cmon, who would do better than orlando bloom, he IS an elf,

as for gannon snipes would be cool but imhotep is another good choice, as well the guy who played dracula from blade trinity would do well ans since jonny depp can play any role that would work too but id stay to the former

for zelda, keira knightly, kate bosworth or kate beckinsale would alll work because theyre just that personality and look

Just for added input. If the movie is done, and done right it would be a great film, but still wouldn't live up to the rep. And also cast according to the main characters...

Link-Really its impossible to cast him.. if you cast Orlando Bloom your shooting yourself in the foot. He was cast in lotr and zelda fans immediately would be turned off, it would be a crash and burn assurance. It should be a new actor, maybe with help the kid from 7th heaven might pull off the look, don't know about the acting though David Gallagher.

Zelda-Kiera Knightly would be just an OK choice or Elisha Cuthbert. However it would be nice if the found a new actress. (and that whole Reese Witherspoon idea was ridiculous.)

Ganondorf-The man who played Imohtep is a pretty good choice, but his body would need some work.

Saria-??? talk about tough

Malon-Larisa Oleynik with deep red hair could pull it off.

Impa-if all else fails Uma Thurman, but i think you could find one better.

Nabooru-Angelina Jolie

But honestly you can't cast these roles with big actors, there really is just no one that fits it. It needs to be new people.

As for garb it should be followed as closely to the game as possible.
And the storyline should follow Ocarina of Time, in my opinion it was the Zelda game the shot it through the roof. I don't think it would be possible to get it all done in just one film and do a good job on it, probably 2 to 3 at the max.

And the director should be Shigeru Miyamoto. He's the only person that really understands link to his truest form.

One thing is for sure, if they do make a movie, its either going to be very amazing or tank into the ground, no inbetween. I'll go see it regardless of actors or anything else. So good luck to all those brave souls who might make the movie.

As awsome as a Zelda movie would be, I don't think it should be made. It's one thing to blur the lines between movies and video games, but when you start cutting into classic Nintendo or Playstation you're crossing a line. Mario and Advent Children being the only standing exceptions. Although Mario followed a completely separate story line relative to the video game, and FFVII: AC is going to have the same director for the movie as the later FF games. Only reason for success in either movie IMHO.

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Keira Knightly would be a perfect choice for Zelda, and I think she's still a fresh enough face to pull it off.

Ideal directors would be Alex Proyas or Brad Siberling, IMO.


I would like them to make a Zelda movie but only if it was made extremely good and if there are good playing the roles of the Zelda characters.
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what is this, The Legend of the Lord of the Caribbean?!?! You guys are all suggesting people like Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom! Orlando would be the WORST Link choice! the movie wouldn't even make a million dollars unless every orlando chick fan went and saw the movie (which is almost a guarantee :P) but seriously, half of these casts are ridiculous. here's what I think:

Link - He can't be casted by an actor today unless he's somebody that nobody's ever heard of, because a bigshot just wouldn't work.

Zelda - Again, hard to cast. Keira Knightley, like I said before, is a no-no. And I agree, Reese Witherspoon was a terrible idea.

Saria - Almost impossible to cast. In fact, all these roles are extremely difficult to cast.

Ganondorf - Arnold Vosloo is a very good choice, but he'd need Vin Diesel's body to pull it off (i'm not suggesting Vin, he'd be a terrible Ganondorf, he's too short). If any of you have played Super Smash Bros. Melee and looked at his arms, you'd know what I'm talking about. OoT graphics aren't good enough to tell that he's buff

Darunia - He'd probably have to be CGI or a really convincing costume, but I can't think of anyone who'd be good voicing him. Maybe James Earl Jones, he's got a nice powerful voice. But everyone's first thought would be, "Darth Vader"

Ruto - I'm at a loss :P

Impa - For lack of a better actress, Uma Thurman

Nabooru - Maybe Angelina Jolie if she got a really dark tan

Rauru - Probably Sean Connery. He's not fat enough though...

Deku Tree - Sean Connery could voice him as well

Wow! That was long. Sorry if it bugged anybody :P

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I think this will be the greatest cast:

Link: ? (but NOT orlando bloom he is not a link)
Zelda: Keira Knightly
Nabooru:ANgelina Jolie
Ganondorf: Arnold Vosloo
Saria: ? maybe someone small and cute like hillary duff(but she is a bit too girly)

Dudes, i totally agree with everyone that there should be a Zelda movie. The Ocarina of Time is by far the greatest (and only) game i have played. I think that this movie would be more awesomer than Lord of the Rings. But it would need a good cast. I dont think well known actors should play the roles, and im sick of seeing them movie after movie. I agree with others that Kiera Knightly and Orlando would be bad choices. As to who the actors will be i am not sure, but they best be good.

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No i think keira knightly should be a great zelda and link anyone except Orlando bloom.And for Nabooru i think ....uhm Angelina Jolie! She would be great.
And Saria hmmm i dunno.But Arnold Vosloo is great for Ganondorf.

But i think they should make the world in the movie a bit like the LOTR movies.

Yah, there should be a zelda movie. Kiera knightly and orlando bloom should definately not be in the movie. I think the whole cast should be new actors not the well known ones. im sick of seeing all of them every other movie i watch. it would be cool if they looked just like the video game characters.

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Originally Posted by xakattak
what is this, The Legend of the Lord of the Caribbean?!?! You guys are all suggesting people like Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom! Orlando would be the WORST Link choice!
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i agree, casting orlando bloom and keira knightley is pirates all over again... plus, they're working on the second and third one anyway... u people are all too obsessed with LOTR and pirates! but i do think that Hyrule should be a lot like Middle-earth

Seeing as how nothing really happens in Hyrule field or anything, I think they should just make it like it does in the game. On the way to the castle lon lon ranch, etc.. And then have maybe one shot of link not making it to the castle in time before dark so he has to square off against the skeletons. But my guess would be they wouldn't be showing too much of the land since you just travel across it.

Originally Posted by Stallion06
I think Arnold Vosloo from The Mummy would make a great Ganondorf. He has a great attitude for the role and played Imhotep like a demon. I mean, just look at him too! His facial features frighteningly resemble Ganon.....just take a look at the nose and eyes....

Judging by that pic..........I'd say Quentin Tarantino as Ganondorf.

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Let us hope that they never decide to make a Zelda movie.
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Originally Posted by John McClane
Let us hope that they never decide to make a Zelda movie.
At least not one directed by Uwe Boll.

My. . .GOD what a thought. . .I'm serious
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if this movie is in production they really have to make this movie just like the game is, between all the movies based on games, this HAS to take a long time to make it just like the games. The games were amazing and so should the movie. If this movie sucks, WOW it'll show that directors nowadays cant make games based on movies. hehe