Make a MoFo Haiku


I hold the blade close
preparing for the big cut
and then i just stop

I begin to think,
wonder why I am alive
why do I exist

and so I wonder
should I take my life tonight
or should I live on

and I think of her
of our life, not meant to be
y we're not together

I drop the blade
got just enough to live for
business to tend to

got places to go
people to see, things to do
unfinished business

I've set up a goal
some things to keep me busy
something to work towards

so I just, walk out
another time, or another place
maybe it would work

things will change someday
somehow, i'll work it out then
i'll make sure of it

we'll be together
it will finally be fair
and we'll be happy

Standing in the Sunlight, Laughing
I wrote this while having lunch in a cafe. It's about this guy who was sitting at the table in front of mine:

Reckless Writing
Backward glancing, scowls
Bold ink into hardbound scrawls
Caffienated, sits
Review: Cabin in the Woods 8/10

Registered User
I am Dejavu
I like posting on MoFo
Comedy is king

Kyle is a big jew
Cartman trys to be hitler
laughed for quite a while

A novel adaptation.
My work lay undone,
How I have forsaken it,
Only MoFo knows.
"We are all worms, but I do believe I am a glow-worm."
--Winston Churchill