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Whats your your favorite creative mood music. You know the stuff that helps your brain doing anything.

My personal favs are

Dave Brubeck - Take five
Ray Charles - Georgia
Jhon Mayor - Daughters
Louis Armstrong - What a wonderfull world
Yoko Kano - Farwell Blues
Norah Jones - Painter

I listen to depressing stuff when I paint, but if I am painting an angry scene, usually angry music, and if I am painting a crazy abstract, then I will crank up some symphony orchestra. When I am writing I listen to classical music, but it has to be down low or I can't concentrate.

I have to listen to music in everything I do, mainly becuase it's the only way I stay focused. No freaking joke. My old math teacher is the one who helped me figure that out. She noticed that when the room was noisy and she had music playing I got my work done faster, but when it was quiet I would get easily annoyed by odd sounds (people erasing ect.) and get very distracted.

The music all depends on what I am doing. Usually when I am doing something creative with my hands I prefer stuff thats easy to get into and sing along with. Musicals definately.

If I am writing I like those lifescape cds, like Scottish Moors and Celtic tales. Vivaldi and Mozart are two classical musicians that i will find myself listening to continuosly.
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I definately need music that relaxes you and chills you out; Coldplay, Travis, Eskimo Joe, Something for Kate, George and movie soundtracks are good too. Sorry if some of those are really foreign to some of you, a few of them are aussie bands.

I need music that helps me to feel a lot, not something that distracts me or energizes me because then I lose focus and my mind shifts away from the art. Usually I do soft & oil pastel drawings but not much else because I'm addicted to pastel drawing now. Relaxing music also occupies the board & crazy part of my mind, kind of what allthatglitters posted about. Yeah art's like a destressor for me and so the music matches it.

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when im doing homework i listen to classical music so i cant sing along and get distracted

when im playing computer games i listen to rock, anything really but mostly yellowcard, staind, blink 182, alien ant farm and sum41

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Whenever I have an idea for a movie or book, 50% of the time it's Star Wars because Williams' music for those films really help me with creating and imagining my ideas.

The rest is 25% other classical movie music, and the other 25% is anything else.
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When i write, I listen to Good Charlotte (don't laugh), ray charles, Thursday, HIM, and Janis Joplin. For whatever reason, they help me keep writing. When I draw my comics, I listen to The Ramones, green day, The replacements, weezer, anything teenage angsty, that fits in with my comics quite well. I try to make soundtrack CDs for each character. The hero of my strip is very "heavy Metal parking lot" so he gets lot of Guns N Roses, KISS, The Darkness, The Ramones, and Cheap Trick, and the other main character gets a lot of raw garage and art rock bands that i think that she'd listen to, like Big Brother and The Holding Company, The Gossip, Hole, The Breeders, Neko Case, Sonic Youth, stuff like that. It helps when writing for them a lot.
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I usually turn up a television on a fuzz channel really loud, shoot up some tweak, get a bump in my nose, and listen to the interplay between the white noise and my chattering teeth.
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When I'm writing I throw on some Jason Mraz and the stuff comes pretty freely
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