Are Films Art or Entertainment?


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I've seen that already. I have it. But I could watch it again - it's been years.

It would have turned into a review in my thread. Absolutely. Send me a PM, though, if you think of anything. That also includes Planet News, Wintertriangles, Mark F or anyone else. I'm done junking up this thread already with this stuff (not that this is gonna stop it.)

The movies, filmed by directors like Andrei Tarkovsky, Ingmar Bergman... are pure "Art".

But the most part of cinema is entertainment.

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Neither if they are made by Jerry Bruckheimer!!

Jokes aside both art and entertainment can exist in the same medium purely because it depends what a person is looking for in any particular film they are watching.

For example Leon is a work of art as far as I'm concerned whereas Die Hard is pure entertainment.
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Alledgedly Tim Burton's films are works of art according to a friend of mine and I'm sure many on here would agree, then again Planet of the Apes does look like Tim spent three days filming a toddler wipe dogsh*t on a toilet wall but thats just me. I don't think any less of my friend for his opinion of Tim Burton because thats the great thing about opinions, they're yours. If he did say Twilight was a work of art however I would be inclined to punch him in the face

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For example, is there some reason that during the history of filmmaking that non-English films should be considered more Artistic than English-language ones? Are English-language films really supposed to be "more-entertaining" than their counterparts?
Personally I don't think that movies from other countries need to be looked at much differently than movies from the US. I think there's a bit of a stereotype that foreign movies are more "artistic" or "deep" because only the best of the best of foreign movies are what actually has a market US. If an American wants to kick back and watch some mindless entertainment most of them aren't gonna choose a flick with subtitles, but every country does have those mindless fluff movies. In my experience the movie industries in every country have their fair share of cinemtic gold and complete abominations. I think whether or not a movie is more artistic or entertaining has more to do with the creative forces behind the film than with the country it was made in. Not to say that different cultures don't breed certain creative styles, but just that to say something as broad as "non-English speaking films are more artistic" or "English speaking films are more entertaining" is kind of unreasonable.

And as for art vs entertainment- there are art films and there are entertainment films and art is entertainment and entertainment is art and there are great films at each extreme and there are great films that have a mix.'s not a great answer but it's really all I have to say on the subject

The majority of films are just entertainment. There are a select few movies out there that I feel are just pure ART!

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This is a tough question that I have had to tackle over the years. As one who is both an artist and an entertainer of sorts I find it is possible to have a mix of both but personally I think that movies like all art and all entertainment for that matter is deeply personal and subjective. For me movies are more entertainment than art however I can appreciate the art side of a good film even if I do not enjoy every aspect of said film. I think that this is true for me because I love a lot of movies there is no good solid argument for calling them works of art.
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Movies are both art and entertainment. Since movies are meant to be seen by a mass audience, most fall into the category of entertainment. Some movies cross over as art.

All films are art. They might be terrible trash or perhaps a stunning masterpiece but they all require creation.
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art films are made only for creative satisfaction