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Healthy Woman in Asylum, Killer "Saved" Her, Tied Up In Bed


Hi there! This is from a movie in probably around the early 2000s. A woman is wrongly convicted to a mental asylum and no one believes her. A reporter (I think) comes one day and sees "yeah okay you're not crazy" and sneaks her out. Her takes her to his home and leaves her in the living room for a second. Theres a lamp or some kind of furniture that she compliments, not knowing its made out of human skin. She walks around and ends up in a closet where she finds tools hanging and scraps of human skin and projects. She screams and he jumps her. She wakes up tied to a bed in like a basement. Its a nice basement too, like I remember it being white or something with a nice bed, not a regular serial killer basement. Thank you!

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Sounds like a movie based off Ed Gein. He made lamp shades out of human skin.