Movie about a man's day who change his outfit every scene!


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so I'm lookig for a movie about a man's day. I think he is an actor, he does a lot of performnces. One time he's a BEGGAR, another he imitates dragon's moves on the green screen (dressed in dark suit with sensors). He moves from place to place in a limousine with equipment for make-up (becauce for every scene he changes his outfits)
I have a feeling like on the begining of the movie he recieved an envelope with all tasks to do. I also have a feeling like its one of Sundance's festival films. But I can be wrong.
I STILL HAVE THIS BEGGAR SCENE BEHIND MY EYES!! The film ends like he comes to somebody home pretenting to be their father - like it's his another task?

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Thats IT!!!! THANK YOU