What's the one movie you wish you could see in theaters?


The Elected Movie Eliminator
Raging Bull on the big screen would be simultaneously amazing. Considering it's got some of the best sound editing and cinematography in movie history along with one incredible performance. Seeing that on the big screen would be one amazing experience.

I almost chose The Good, The Bad & The Ugly as it's music is phenomenal.


It is my favorite movie and it is just so amazing. I would have wanted to see it with a theater full of people to see all of their reactions to how amazing it is, lol.
"Serendipity, it's one of my favorite words. It just has such a nice sound for what it means; a fortunate accident."

the original The Wicker Man
Just saw that in theaters haha. The 1973 one you mean right?

Just saw that in theaters haha. The 1973 one you mean right?

and I did add another movie to the list :P

Well, since I've already seen Lawrence of Arabia on the big screen (twice), it's time to move on to the second-best movie of all time

Prospero's Books

I saw that one on the big screen back in the day. I was on a Greenaway trip at the time after The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover and Drowning by Numbers. My father went with me to see it and he asked me "would you take a date to see this movie?". I had to answer "no". LOL!

I would definitely go with "War and Peace" (1966) by Bondarchuk. I own it on DVD, but I would love to see it in the theater.

sound of music, fury road.

Inside (2007)

I wouldn't mind seeing a few classic epics, which I've only seen on tv- like The Wizard of Oz ( my number one pick). Also Gone With The Wind, To Kill A Mockingbird, and any good movie with sweeping panoramas of beautiful landscapes - like The Sound of Music or even True Grit .

I also missed Interstellar , which I've been told is a movie to be seen only on the big screen.

One of the most beautiful movies that I love, but had never seen in the theater, The Fall (2006), is actually being shown in my local Alamo Theater tomorrow night. Myself and two young friends who have never seen the movie and know nothing at all about it are seeing it tomorrow night.

I dream of seeing "12 angry men" in a theater.