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Just finished this and adored every minute of the series, love everything this man directs. Fraser reminded me so much of a friend during high school and college, even his mannerisms. Ah memories.


Just finished this and adored every minute of the series, love everything this man directs. Fraser reminded me so much of a friend during high school and college, even his mannerisms. Ah memories.
Huge ChlŲe Sevigny fan & wanted so much to like this. I hated it & bailed out.
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Miss„o dada ť miss„o cumprida!

The End.

-Bubble's arc was predictable since the beginning but beautiful in it's execution.
-This season... was just ok...

I've probably skipped posting to this thread a million times, but here are the latest watches.

Freud (2020)

It has Sigmund Freud as the main character, but it's definitely not a biopic. Kinda like a mix of The Alienist and Penny Dreadful. I suppose the ideas are better than the execution. Not bad but I only watched it an episode a day.

Paranormal (2020)

An Egyptian Netflix show. A skeptic doctor ends up being an expert on the supernatural (he's also a noir-like cynic narrator). It's a pretty okay story (not super original, though). The source material is 81 books so there should material for several seasons. There's some crappy CGI but otherwise, it looks good. Oh, and I really like how the Arabic sounds.

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@Citizen Rules

Laverne & Shirley - Of Mice And Men

Laverne is dating a new guy. Wheezer is nice and makes her really happy, but one day when a bunch of sleazebags start up trouble he fails to protect her. He feels embarrassed by it and vows to no longer be a wimp.

I really didn't like this episode. Wheezer is a very annoying character who spends every scene pouting over not being strong, calling himself a wimp repeatedly. It's one thing to have low confidence in yourself, but he's so obsessed with living up to a silly macho ideal that he gets on your nerves. Jim Belushi's performance was also weak. He can be funny in the right roles, but here his over-the-top acting only made me dislike the character more.

There is also a dream sequence consisting of someone forcibly dancing with Laverne, then a bunch of other guys trying to dance with her too. Wheezer tries to fight them, but repeatedly fails. All of this is without dialogue. Usually I like this show's parodies of classic media, but this was just a waste of time. I kept waiting for it to end, and it just went on and on.

The saving graces were Laverne and Frank, who thankfully are likable and amusing enough to save it from being bottom of the barrel. I most of all enjoyed the conversation Laverne has with her father trying to convince him to set up a person to fight Wheezer so he gets a chance to protect her. Frank's bewilderment over this odd request is both funny and understandable.

There is also another guy flirting with Laverne with Wheezer once again failing to protect her. The part with her knocking him down on the ground is a truly badass moment.

That dips into another issue I had. Since Laverne is never in much danger (Wheezer should worry about himself more than anything) and is able to fight effortlessly, the stakes become very low. It's hard to sympathize with Wheezer for this reason.

The final scene where the bully comes back and Laverne makes Wheezer think he scared him off just with intimidation made me chuckle. All she had to do was wave her purse and he ran off like a mouse.

This season isn't a trainwreck so far, but this one makes you miss Shirley more than ever. She could liven up even the lesser episodes.

@ mattiasflgrtll6 I don't remember that episode and I'm sure I watched it as I bought all 8 seasons of Laverne & Shirley and watched each season twice. That must be an episode after they went to California? Is this also after Cindy Williams left the show?

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@Citizen Rules Yeah, it's a California and post-Shirley episode. So far this is the worst one without her (and my least favorite in general).
The best one she hasn't been in is The Playboy Show. Carrie Fisher had such great comedic chemistry with Marshall it's disappointing they didn't stick with her.

Season 1

Season 2

A Mexican supernatural adventure somewhere between Supernatural, Buffy, and Preacher. The characters start out quite well, and especially Nancy is introduced strongly. I don't like how (once again) everything is so tightly related to the protagonists. Season one is better in this regard, as it has a sort of unrelated main plot. Season two feels unpolished and maybe even unneeded. Very well-casted and acted show, though.

Two Weeks to Live

Sort of like a comedic version of Hanna, except the outside world's dangers aren't always as real here. The cast is pretty good, the show looks surprisingly good, and while it's really cliched, the writing mostly works. I would have liked it to be more over-the-top (both in general insanity and in violence), though.

THE SERPENT -a netflix crime drama that I am binging and enjoying about a guy and his flunkies who kill travelers for there money.

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I'm still bingeing on European dramas.
Latest one is called Code 37:Sex Crimes a Belgian series about a vice unit run by a woman.
It's subtitled but that doesn't stop it being pretty good.

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Nice to see Code 37 mentioned and that you're enjoying it. I loved that show and wish it'd run longer. I liked Two Weeks To Live too. I liked the banality of it juxtaposed with the madness.

A bit surprised not to see more people talking about The Great. I thought it was excellent.
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