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Band Member Who Refused To Leave When Asked?


Please Quote/Tag Or I'll Miss Your Responses
Assuming everyone has equal power in the legal contract. If you have an example, please give us a brief story, since we don't all know every band and/or the details.

I've read in interviews from Eric and Stevie that after Cream disbanded, Ginger Baker showed up to Blind Faith rehearsal and Eric Clapton nor Stevie Winwood had the guts to say they didn't want him in the band, so they did their one album and broke up. I highly recommend the documentary "Beware of Mr. Baker" (it might still be on YouTube)

Extra Credit: A member who kept refusing to leave, and ended up staying with the band.

Just popped in to give props to Beware Mr. Baker great and exciting documentary about a great drummer and a total nut. Ginger Baker is the craziness rock n' roll should be.

It is available on Itunes.