Bibi Andersson, Luminous Presence in Bergman Films, Dies at 83


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By Anita Gates

  • April 14, 2019
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Bibi Andersson, the luminous Swedish actress who personified first purity and youth, then complexity and disillusionment, in 13 midcentury Ingmar Bergman films, died on Sunday in Stockholm. She was 83.
Her death was confirmed by the director Christina Olofson to several Swedish news outlets. Ms. Andersson had a stroke in 2009 and had been hospitalized in France.
Her emotionally complex role in “
” (1966), the film that made her acting reputation, was one of the great stereotype reversals in film history, a definite departure for the thirtyish Ms. Andersson, who had begun acting in her teens. Before that film, Bergman had given her roles “symbolizing simple, girlish things,” she told The New York Times in 1977. “I used to be called a ‘professional innocent.’”

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I loved Bibi Andersson. Death of a real legend. R.I.P. Persona is my favorite Bergman movie.
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