A boy and a girl went a road trip to her boyfriend's college


I remember a movie probably from late 90's / early 2000's. The usual college movie. A college student had a girl best friend. She found out her boyfriend who was a student at another far away college had cheated on her. They both then went on a road trip to her boyfriend's college to break up with him. In the end the fell in love.

I may mis-remember that the role of the boy and the girl might have been switched. A particular scene that I remember was spitting into a condom to make it look like it was used.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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The Sure Thing has two people traveling across the country - her to meet her fiancé and him to meet ‘a sure thing’, guaranteed sex with a woman. They argue along the way, but fall in love at the end. No condom scene that I can remember.