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Sorry if this thread has been done already, I had a search but couldn't find one.

I have a few mates that say they're not bothered about the Special Features on discs. They buy the box solely to watch the film.

Personally, I think that the more features a DVD (or Blu Ray) has, the better.

Commentaries, trailers, making of, behind the scenes... all add up to the worth of the DVD that I've forked my money out on.

A while back I bought Rodriguez' Predators, I noticed that the DVD didn't have any SF on it apart from a [email protected] 'interactive comic' and I actually asked the woman at the counter if they had any expanded copies with better features on.
She looked at me like I'd just farted.

I nearly didn't buy it though due to lack of SF.

Just wondered what everyone's thoughts are: Have you ever not bought a film due to lack of SF or does it not really matter to you?

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I buy movies purely for the film and I like artwork on boxes but don't are about special features. I heard a bunch of people complaining that Mulhollan drive doesn't have any but really I could care less. Never use commentary and think deleted scenes were deleted for a reason
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I can't remember the last time I bothered watching the special features on any new DVD/Blu Ray purchase or rental. I guess the charm has worn off somewhat, and if I'm honest they're just not very interesting most of the time. Mostly just the usual back-slapping interviews being repeated in several different 5-6 minutes "features."

The LOTR EE documentaries and Empire of Dreams will always hold a special place in my heart though.
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I use to enjoy the pleasure of purchasing a well put together DVD. One with a hefty amount of special features added with the movie. There were so many great releases back in the day, yet now for some unknown reason every DVD put out is a bare bones release. Except for maybe a few with a commentary and maybe that's it. Rarely now you see a DVD that's even worth buying anymore.

Now, I don't want to hear the excuse "There's Blu-ray now so they are using that for the special features" because that is a crock of crap. If DVDs were able to hold a massive amount of extras then...they sure can hold them now.

I never take it into consideration. I buy because I like the film, and if the features are good it's a nice bonus. If not, I'm not too bothered.

There are a few that I've really enjoyed, the features on the special edition of The Social Network spring to mind. Lots of them and very insightful/entertaining.

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I only purchase DVD's that have stellar special features. The film itself i can watch any number of ways, for me to part with coin, the extras are what its all about.
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I buy because I like the film, and if the features are good it's a nice bonus. If not, I'm not too bothered.
^ This. I prefer reading books/articles/magazines on films I like, or finding stuff online about it. I'm not bothered about deleted scenes, alternative endings and so on, and if I really did want to see something like this it would be easy enough to find online to watch.

I never buy vanilla discs though unless it's the only type avaliable, so every film I buy rarely is without a lot of extras anyway especially as most I buy are on blu-ray now.

I'll tend to only splash out on a new release (i.e. full price) if there's that added worth that can't get elsewhere. Apocalypse Now, Repo Man, Battle Royale, Dawn of the Dead, Metropolis are some that have swung a purchase on, despite owning original DVDs. Unless I loved the movie originally, I won't buy a new disc unless it's a Limited Edition or tin case, considering their availability through streaming sites.

I used to eat up special features. I even watched all the commentaries on Fight Club back in the day.

Now I know so much about how films are made that I just don't care anymore. I watched some of the behind the scenes stuff on Captain America because I wanted to see the bits about making Chris Evans appear small, but other than that I just don't bother.

In fact, I don't really buy DVDs anymore. I'm in the process of converting all my films to digital on a portable hard drive. I also get the digital copy from any DVDs I do own for future use. I occasionally buy a Blu-ray if the film is A) worth watching in HD and/or B) really cheap. The last Blu-ray I bought was Scott Pilgrim because Best Buy had it for $10. If it's over ten bucks, forget it. If I own it on DVD it's being transferred to a digital only copy. God willing, one day I won't have all these stupid discs taking up space.

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If I own it on DVD it's being transferred to a digital only copy. God willing, one day I won't have all these stupid discs taking up space.
I'm thinking of doing the same thing. I stopped majorly purchasing sometime ago but that's a good idea.