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Deadpool is the latest comic book movie to be pumped out by juggernaut company Marvel. Family friendly Marvel. That's what Deadpool is like, right?

Deadpool stars Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson who would later go on to be the tittle character as he gains superhuman abilities after his last chance of curing his cancer brings out the mutant gene in him. Ajax (Ed Skrein) is the one who has done this by torturing and disfiguring him in the hope to creating him to use as a slave. This does not go to plan but Ajax leaves Wilson for dead...or so he thinks. Deadpool along with his twisted sense of humour looks to hunt Ajax down for revenge and also to save the love of his life.

Deadpool is a comedy, action, superhero, revenge and romance rolled into one like no other superhero movie we have ever seen, never mind just Marvel film. Rated 15 in the UK which is slightly higher than the normal 12A rating given to the recent Marvel movies. And quite right. This is most definitely not fun for the whole family. However for myself and my friends, it is absolutely perfect.

First of all, this movie is absolutely hilarious. If you think the trailer was funny you are certainly in for a real treat. How great is it going to see a comedy where the best bits aren't just in the trailers? There's so much comedy gold in Deadpool and it is fantastic. Straight from the start it is hilarious with a substitution for what would normally be the credits as 'Angel in the Morning' plays over it. Truly great work. Every attempt at comedy in Deadpool works with some truly great dialogue. It must of been so fun for the writers to come up with some of the outbursts said not only by Deadpool but many of the other characters in the movie.

Nobody is safe from Deadpool in this movie when it comes to quips. Between bringing up actors in the X-Men universe such as Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart to other well known characters such as Ripley from Alien there are plenty of references that are all hilarious. Even Reynolds himself is not free from getting a ribbing as himself and a certain green suited superhero are mocked in the film. The movie studio are also the target of many jokes from the merc with a mouth which is just magnificent. It also takes time to take aim at the decision to sew his mouth shut in X-Men Origins: Wolverine giving a little redemption to the huge mistake made.

The action in this film also has to be mentioned. It is absolutely beautiful. There are times tho that you can easily tell that it is CGI but for the most part the effects are really good and lifelike. Great action that we have come to expect in Marvel's movies. The action is often slowed way down to allow the jokes and remarks to come out which works perfectly such as when he turns someone into "human kebab". The action is unique to than other Marvel films due to this which is great as it is bringing something new to the table in this huge inflation of superhero movies.

Ryan Reynolds really was a perfect casting for this role. He was absolutely fantastic as Wade Wilson/Deadpool. His delivery for all of his comedic lines was excellent and he was great when the character had to be a bit more serious. Definitely the performance we'd hoped for and he did not disappoint us at all. You can clearly see that he has thoroughly enjoyed being this character and it has probably helped his performance with him being so passionate about the project.

Ed Skrein was also great as the villain Ajax. I'd even say that he is one of the strongest Marvel villains we have had although competition isn't overly competitive. That being said, it shouldn't be taken away that Skrein did a great job especially considering he was coming off the back of a terrible Transporter reboot. Morena Baccarin plays Vanessa, Wilson's love interest and also does a great job. She is great at playing this character who is just perfect for Wilson and they really compliment each other. The character is very similar to Wade Wilson himself and really show an actual believable couple. One of the funnier roles was played by T.J Miller who was Wilson's friend 'Weasel' who provides even more great comedic effect to the film. Also be prepared to see one of the funniest Stan Lee cameos.

As this is the same universe as the X-Men, it was good to see this be acknowledged. Even if so most of the time it was taking digs at the mutant group. At least it is giving a reason to why he is not helping the main group take down foes which has been a question asked in Marvels solo Avengers movies. Deadpool however does have two X-Men characters in it with Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) who's incredible name is brought up in admiration by Deadpool himself. This is probably the best looks to Colossus that we have ever had which is great to see. Also Negasonic's quick wit and moody attitude is great to watch as well. It will certainly be interesting to see how Deadpool will tie in with the X-Men universe in later films.

If you do go to see this like all Marvel films there is a scene at the end of the credits with a pop culture reference and then a reveal for Deadpool 2. If you are a fan of a certain 80's classic you will love the end credits scene. I know I did.

Final Verdict: Deadpool = A-

A great start to a year that will be dominated by superhero movies. I am glad to say that I was surprised at just how good Deadpool was and would highly recommend it to mature fans. Probably a bit too much for younger audiences. Let's hope the rest of the superhero flicks follow suit this year.

So have you seen Deadpool? If so what did you think? If you are planning on seeing it, I hope this review was useful and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Once again thank you for reading, it is much appreciated.

By Angus McGregor

Best Comic Book Movie since Guardians Of The Galaxy and also best Dark Comic Book Film since Blade in mt view.

More then that this movie was totally the funniest comedy Ive seen in years and the action is very well done. Very impressed by how they did Colossus and Deadpool franchise and the character could be as big as RDJ as Iron Man for Fox.

I think they should Center a new kick butt team of dark characters around Deadpool and add Punisher, Ghost Rider, Blade, Elektra, and Silver Surfer too this team.

Let this director have a certain pudget and let him make a team movie of characters Fox can use and Marvel does not have back the rights.

Anyways Deadpool has fired the first shot at DC and Civil War could finish DC before they get out of the gate. Not Including X-Men Apocolypse.
Batman vs Superman has too be very big and awesome and Suicide Squad will have too be as good as Deadpool or DC is dead.

I think they should Center a new kick butt team of dark characters around Deadpool and add Punisher, Ghost Rider, Blade, Elektra, and Silver Surfer too this team.
You almost described a run on the Thunderbolts with Red Hulk (Thunderbolt Ross, dont ask), Elektra, Punisher, Venom, and The Leader. It was truly hysterical stuff, and Deadpool used as a supporting character imo is when hes at his best. Otherwise its too much.

You almost described a run on the Thunderbolts with Red Hulk (Thunderbolt Ross, dont ask), Elektra, Punisher, Venom, and The Leader. It was truly hysterical stuff, and Deadpool used as a supporting character imo is when hes at his best. Otherwise its too much.

That team definitely had a color scheme going!

Well DC is trying too do Suicide Squad . They claim they have the best super villains so why can't Fox be allowed by Marvel to do a Team centered around Deadpool.

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It was a lot of fun, but I can see why some people would be annoyed by him.

"A laugh can be a very powerful thing. Why, sometimes in life, it's the only weapon we have."

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Not gonna lie, I laughed the most at that scene. It was perfectly timed. The writing and directing was surprisingly good in that film.


Normally I don't watch superhero movies . But hearing good reports I decided to take a chance on this one .

Ryan Reynolds plays a superhero ( Deadpool ) with a difference . He has to wear a mask not to hide his identity but to conceal the hideous disfigurement of his face . And his superhero powers are not inborn but as a result of gene mutation in a lab---a gene mutation he has gone for because it is the only hope to cure his terminal cancer .

But the people who caused the gene mutation which cured the cancer after numerous tortures but caused his facial disfigurement actually wanted to turn him into a superpowered slave to obey their clients---so they are not good people . And Ryan is out to get the chief of them---Ajax , played by Ed Skrein .

But Ajax comes to know of Deadpool's achilles' heel---his girlfriend ( played by Morena Baccharin ) , whom he deeply loves but wants to avoid because she might not be able to bear to see his facial disfigurement . And Ajax pounces upon this achilles' heel---the girlfriend . Deadpool takes the help of two X men---a female named Negasonic teenage warhead and a male named Rasputin to save his girl , while Ajax has the help of Angel dust who is female .

So is Deadpool able to save his girl ? Can he take revenge on Ajax ?
Watch the movie for that....

There are some good action sequences and some good humour in this movie . The movie has a self mocking tone and pretends to not take itself seriously---while it has a serious overtone actually . For the love between Wade ( Deadpool's real name in the movie ) and his girlfriend is real . So is is anguish at not being able to show himself to her after his disfigurement . And also his passion for undoing the wrongs done to him .

Special effects and photography are good . Acting is good from everybody . Morena Baccharin looks real nice . The villains look real mean . And I quite liked this fellow Deadpool with his deadpan sense of humour . And I liked the idea of an Indian taxi driver taking Deadpool to his destination with his arch rival in love locked up inside his car's boot !!---me being Indian, you know....

Verdict---Good .

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It kinda sucks.

Most of the movie left me cold, but there were two bits that I remember chuckling at - Deadpool getting shot in the butthole and also the shot where it's revealed that the hand he cut off is giving the finger. Also, masterful use of the sinister synth part from "Beat It" in the main score.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
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I liked the advertisements for deadpool and I enjoyed watching the movie but I would not want to watch it again. The way it was filmed worked very well on a big screen and some of the jokes were funny but a lot of them just missed the mark. But maybe it was just me, because the people I was watching it with loved it! (The ferris bueller reference was awesome though. Best part of the movie imo )

I normally agree with the mass audience when it comes to film so it goes without saying I was excited about seeing Deadpool at the cinema. But my main issue with the film was the humour The film was self aware but most of it was silly Fart joke kind of humour that would appeal to a 13-year-old. like the kind of immature humour that Southpark would produce and I didn't like the way the movie kept flashing back to his relationship with Electra I also found dead pool like his girlfriend to be very obnoxious dislikable characters. I get that he is immature in the comics but the humour just did not appeal to me in anyway. I know a lot of people adore Deadpool and normally I would agree with the mass audience and the critics but when it comes to this movie I feel like I'm on crazy pills or something since when did obnoxious Fart joke humour become so likeable. I think I actually preferred Deadpool in wolverine The sword sequence especially when he's chopping up thousands of bullets flying at him. And in wolverine I love the way he talks out loud when he is thinking oblivious to those getting annoyed around him but when it comes to Deadpool he seems to deliberately aggravate people and never stopping for a breath while doing so.
What were your thoughts on Deadpool

It's certainly wildly inconsistent with its quality. But I think it's an extremely fresh and original stand up episode on superhero movies and cliches. It ultimately BECOMES exactly what it's making fun of, but I was very pleased with something different and ballsy for a change from Hollywood and surprisingly Marvel.

Also Ryan Reynolds was born for the role, and that helps it's cause IMO

The movie is great.. Deadpool is not that popular in Marvel comics, especially to some people not reading Marvel comics or a fans of comics.

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I loved this movie. Saw it 4 times in theater then got the DVD and watched it a couple more times. Here is my blurb at the time.

Movie Blurb by Shale
February 12, 2016

This is the funniest, fastest paced, Marvel superhero movie I have seen - and Ryan Reynolds is the perfect man to pull off the witty, profane and DEFINITELY R-Rated flick. I was lafing from the opening credit thru the end-credits with two little teasers.

And, for those kids who started a petition to make a PG-13 version of this movie, all I can say is GROW UP! Actually Ryan Reynolds responded to that and I have to agree with his assessment:

"I don’t think so. I mean, you saw it. That would be a very short movie. It’s almost a commercial at that point."

Right, if you took all the age-inappropriate little side snipes and imagery out of this movie it would have lost its unique ambience. Even the animated Deadpool riding a Unicorn in the end credits is R-Rated funny.

OK, as I mentioned once before, when I was reading comic books there was Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman (And MIghty Mouse - which was age appropriate) so IDK anything about these modern Marvels except what makes it to the movies. I'm sure all the adult nerds who saw this movie today (and the younger teens who found a way to see it) know the whole backstory of the character but this is the movie that shows how Deadpool came about.

While this story opens with Deadpool riding to some destination on a freeway in a taxi, it is told in flashback thru out. Also, Deadpool speaks to the fourth wall (the audience) a lot in this movie, which works really well, and like the opening credits is often self-deprecating, answering obvious nerd questions about production before they are asked.

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is a mercenary who is basically good for dealing with stalkers of teen girls. He hangs out in a bar full of other dangerous types who have brawls and there is a chalkboard pool for bets on who will get killed first kept by his friend Weasel (T.J. Miller) the bartender.

Wade meets Vanessa Carlysle (Morena Baccarin ) an escort and they hit it off after some wisecracking first meeting and eventually they are in love and living together. (Wow, a Valentine Day story. I recommend this movie for young lovers - Guys take your girl or other guy to see Deadpool)


Well, IDK if this will spoil it for ya, so if you are sensitive to that, then run out right now and see this movie, then come back and read my take on it. I just want everyone to know how stoked I am about this movie.

Deadpool finds out he has cancer and in desperation takes an extreme treatment that is administered by this sleazy, sadistic guy Francis who calls himself Ajax (Ed Skrein) and is also a mutant with much strength and agility.

The treatment leaves him with amazing regenerative power (better than Wolverine) but also disfigured to the point of having to hide his face from the public.

Deadpool's mission is to find Ajax and force him to fix his looks so he can get back with Vanessa, which brings us to the cab ride where we see some real action on the expressway.

He succeeds in finding Ajax but is stopped by two mutants from Dr. Xavier's School for Gifted Children. Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) & Colossus (Stefan Kapii). Ajax gets away but the two mutants who have been trying to recruit Deadpool to join them, agree to help him

Well, eventually they get to Ajax and his super strength accomplice Angel Dust (Gina Carano) and of course a great building-destroying fight ensues.

After the battle is won, Wade has to reveal himself to Vanessa as Deadpool.

Such a romantic Valentines Day story. I cried a lot - from ****ing laffing so much

Deadpool was one of the very few comic book movies that has lived up to my expectations. Not only did they do a good job of diving into the ALT culture that surrounds the character, but they balanced the human and comedic elements of the story perfectly. I was both entertained by Ryan Reynolds and, at the same time, I was invested in the character he was playing and his success.