I really found that this film is very entertaining , i like the premise, i might get the book aswell and read it, maybe a movie that was ahead of it s time a bit, an erotic thriller with high values, when i read that critics hated the film for its ending, i wasn t surprised, however philip noyce does a great job here, the direction is great, and the cinematography aswell, that high rise building is just very intriguing and whatever happened there is very creepy.
I like how it s shown in the film that sharon stone is a lonely 35 year old woman who s vulnerable enough that when she meets william baldwin s character you can directly feel that she needs someone in her life, and i have to say sharon stone here is even hotter than in basic instinct for some.reason, with beautifully shot steamy scenes.
I didn t like the ending, but overall a very good film that at least keeps you guessing, and the wjole feel of the film philip managed to get it right, the atmosphere is there and the use of music is great, it sums up perfectly the movies of the beginning of the 90s .
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