which director appears most in your top 100 favorite movies?


mine currently ends up with a tie between John Carpenter and Steven Spielberg with 5 each. Billy Wilder, Frank Capra, and Michael Curtiz tied with 4 apiece.

Carpenter's entries in my top 100:

#2: Halloween
#6: the Thing
#52: Big Trouble in Little China
#54: They Live
#82: Escape From New York

Spielberg's entries:

#9: Raiders of the Lost Ark
#47: Close Encounters of the Third Kind
#56: Jurassic Park
#91: Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom
#93: Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade

thinking about this reminds me that i've done a decent job of sampling the best of many different directors... but i really haven't delved much into any one specific guy

would like to watch more Kurosawa... have seen just 3 of his movies (Yojimbo, Seven Samurai, & Ran) and the first two make my 100 favorites. maybe one day when i get more time and money! no more free access to my school library's dvd collection, like i once had.

look forward to reading which directors and which pictures appear most in your 100 favorites

Kurasawa! Nolan! Heck, I have 5 movies of Nolan alone.

I haven't done a top 100, but David Fincher appears the most times in my top 50 with three films: Fight Club, Se7en and Zodiac.

The only other directors to make multiple appearances on my top 50 are Sam Raimi (The Quick and the Dead, Army of Darkness) and Steven Spielberg (Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom, Catch Me If You Can)

Scorsese has 7

Goodfellas #1
Taxi Driver #2
Casino #30
The Departed#39
Mean Streets #45
The Color of Money #71
Cape Fear #78

John Landis is second with 4 in my top 30; An American Werewolf in London, The Blues Brothers, Animal House, and Trading Places.

Hitchcock has 9 movies on my top 100

Rear Window
North by Northwest
The Birds
To Catch a Thief
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I've never really made a top 100 and I don't think I have one at the moment, but I do have a list that mostly consists of films that I consider to be great, and that list consists of 4 Tarantino films, 3 Scorsese films, 3 Kubrick films, and 3 Coen brothers films. Needless to say, they're also the directors whose work I admire the most.

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In my original 100, there are 6 Spielberg and 5 Kubrick. I'm up to 164 now and if you count everything so far, they're still on top with 8 and 6.
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If I were to attempt a top 100, Hitchcock would probably have 7.
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Interestingly enough, my new but not yet posted top 100 has 4 Hitchcocks, 4 Wilders, and 4 Eastwoods. 3 Scorseses, 3 Coens, 3 Nolans as well.

All directors with more than 1 movie:

1.Scorcese - 6
2.Hitchcock - 5
3.Leone - 4
4.Trey Parker - 3
Nolan - 3
PTA - 3
Jackson - 3
Kubrick - 3
FFC - 3
5.Lucas - 2
Coens - 2
Kurosawa - 2
Zemeckis - 2
Fincher - 2
Tarantino - 2

If my calculations are right there are 55 directors with one film, but my list has changed alot since i made it.

I only have a top 50, but Scorsese and Kurosawa both have 4 films a piece.

Taxi Driver
The King of Comedy
Cape Fear

Seven Samurai
Red Beard
going to add King of Comedy and your last three from Kurosawa to my watchlist. have found we generally tend to have comparable taste in movies

thanks 'slinger

I haven't made a top 100 list yet, but I'll post the directors that made more than one film that I'd rate
or higher.
The first digit will be the amount of
films the director made and the second digit the

Stanley Kubrick: 4+2 = 6

Martin Scorsese: 4+1 = 5

Alfred Hitchcock: 2+5 = 7

Billy Wilder: 2+3 = 5

Woody Allen: 2+3 = 5

Paul Thomas Anderson: 2+2 = 4

Sergio Leone: 2+1 = 3

Francis Ford Coppola: 2+1 = 3

Charlie Chaplin: 2+0 = 2

Frederico Fellini: 2+0 = 2

Orson Welles: 2+0 = 2

Robert Altman: 1+5 = 6

Quentin Tarantino: 1+4 = 5
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Coen Brothers: 1+4 = 5

Hayao Miyazaki: 1+1 = 2

Roman Polanski: 1+1 = 2

John Huston: 0+2 = 2

Brian De Palma: 0+2 = 2

David Fincher: 0+2 = 2
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I don't have any top. Does it mean I have to make one? What do you think?

Topic: It probably would be Angelopoulos, who made 13 movies, of which at least 5 I would include in my top.
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Had a look and think my numbers are right:

Steven Spielberg - 7
Richard Donner - 7
Paul Verhoeven - 6
James Cameron - 4
Wes Craven - 4
Ridley Scott - 4
John McTiernan - 3
Peter Jackson - 3
Gore Verbinski - 3
Christopher Nolan - 3
John Carpenter - 2
Frank Darabont - 2
Joe Dante - 2

Revered Directors with only 1 film in my Top 100:
The Coens
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