RIP Tina Turner, dead at 83


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Singer and actress Tina Turner has died at the age of 83.

Turner's music career began in the early 60's with her husband, Ike. Following their divorce in the late 70s, she appeared on game shows and made other TV appearances. Her career had a resurgence in the mid-80's with her album Private Dancer. The dawn of MTV helped to bring a new generation of fans to Turner.

Turner had appeared in several films throughout her career, as the Acid Queen in Tommy, Aunty Entity in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome and The Last Action Hero as the Mayor.
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She was simply the year, John Denver introduced on the Grammy Awards as the woman who taught all other women how to walk in high heels. One of the great regrets of my life is never having seen her live because she was a live performer more than anything though I did lover her as the Gypsy Acid Queen in Tommy. RIP, Tina, you've earned it.

Any non believer in her superhuman greatness should track down her performance in Gimme Shelter

It doesn't get better. By anybody

It's a shame that there really isn't any great studio record from Turner's early years. Some great singles, but no one captured their live energy. Ike and Tina were legitimately one of the greatest acts in the history of rock and roll and because they have no definitive document, they have kind of been forgotten.

There is if course nothing wrong with solo Tina. But her legacy deserved more. Especially in those insanely potent early years

83 is a good run.

Always loved this track.

I was just looking at the Gimme Shelter performance they not even show the whole thing?

I have memories of the entire song but I don't see that here. Which is yet again, if true, and not me being dumb, yet another astonishing disinterest in what she was doing by people who should know ****ing better.

The Beat Club stuff is pretty insane. You'd never know it was recorded in an empty TV studio. Probably the most "live" thing I've ever seen from the series.

(I tried to post the full playlist but it didn't work. There's 7 or 8 songs, look for all of them.)
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Sad to learn of this. Actually met her when I was about 12 or 13, when she was in Sydney doing promotional work for rugby league and her campaign in a lot of ways really helped the image and had a huge impact in attracting women to follow the sport.

Did also subsequently catch her performing live a couple of times over the years, in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Phenom voice, presence and talent. Thoughts go out to her friends and kin. Rest in peace.

A couple of those ads Turner did for the rugby league as mentioned.