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American Beauty

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I am a fan of American Beauty
A review of a review

I have seen it many times, and own it on dvd.

I came across this review of American Beauty (Bottom of my post) I can just point out that it is a negative review. Now that is fine by me, people is free to have an opinion on a film. Good or Bad. That is actually one entertaining thing i do sometime, i go and check out Roger Eberts review of a film i have just seen.
Sometimes he has trashed films i really enjoyed. Some of his reviews are really funny to. High Lander The Quickening is one i think is a funny review. But i never got the feeling when reading his reviews, that he is trying to force his opinion on to me.

After reading the review of American Beauty, i just felt it was a bad review. The writer seems to be a respected one. Time write about her on their website that she was a finalist for the Pulitzer prize in criticism in 2015.

Here is a copy of her opening of the review:

“In 2019, beating up on Sam Mendes’ multi-Oscar-winning American Beauty, released roughly 20 years ago this week, is so painfully easy that it seems unfair. The Best Picture winner has fallen largely out of fashion; it rarely appears on critics’ lists of favorite movies, and its memory seems to have faded for most moviegoers, too.”

This opening makes me wonder. Actually, i am provoked. Even before she has started on the actual review, she just casually points out that basically everyone thinks it is a bad film now.

But the strange thing is that after reading the full article, i feel she was almost more interested in pointing out that the people who enjoyed the film in 99, are dumb people. At least people who fell for cheap cinematic tricks. And of course she hated the film from the first time she saw it.

It is the first article i have read from Time, so i have no idea if they are a serious site. But it almost feels like she uses propaganda techniques.

-The negative American Beauty review:

-Roger Eberts Review of High Lander the Quickening:

That Times review is written by someone who loves their own voice. They're writing just to have something to say.

I found this review on American Beauty on the internet, it's a much better annalist of what the film was really about.

American Beauty (Sam Mendes 1999)

It's all about obsession...

American Beauty, it's about obsession and how it manifest itself in different people. Carolyn (Annette Bening) has gone nuts over obsessing over the 'good life'. She has a $4000 couch with Italian silk fabric, and it's ugly! But she doesn't care, she's obsessed to have it in doing so she's forgotten the care free girl that she once was back in college.

Their daughter Jane (Thora Birch) is obsessed with breast augmentation, though they looked plenty big to me. She's been saving her money since she first started baby sitting, probably when she didn't even have any breast and now that's she grown she doesn't realize they've grown too. That's obsession.

Her friend Angela (Mena Suvari) is bonkers obsessed with not being ordinary. She goes to great links to make herself out as a bold, daring, sex crazed girl...and yet in the end she's a virgin who just talked real big.

Then there's the guy next door Ricky (Wes Bently) with the camera. OK he's obsessed with capturing moments of beauty on film. Even if it's a dead bird, he's obsessed to capture those fleeting moments and save them. That's why he has a wall of shelves in his room, for all those videos he's made and saved.

Then there's his dad the marine dude (Chris Cooper) he's obsessed with control and maybe obsessed with being or not being gay.

Well, what about Kevin Spacey, He doesn't seem obsessed, in fact he's utterly complaisant, a doormat with a vacant smile on his face. His highlight is jerking off in the shower. That's it, that's all he's got to look forward to. He's the only one who's not obsessed. Through his character we see how being true to one's inner self, is so much better than being obsessed about stuff that doesn't even matter.

Of course other people's obsessions effect him and that's why he's dead.

That Times review is written by someone who loves their own voice. They're writing just to have something to say.

I found this review on American Beauty on the internet, it's a much better annalist of what the film was really about.
I like this explanation. Simple and objective.

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There's only a couple handfuls of movies I like from the last 40 years and this would probably be in my Top 5.

Watch it and judge for yourself. I first saw it at 17, last saw it in my 30s.

One thing that makes this different is that there is not one likable character in the whole movie. You could nitpick this by mentioning the gay couple. Only because they're screen time is so short.

A solid 9/10 and my fave of 1999, a stellar year for film.

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Who's the King, though?

I like this explanation. Simple and objective.
yeah right, simple & objective

They're both good but possibly over-rated. Ask sissy why she says they are trash...there is much MUCH worse.