What is this movie?


It's been driving me insane; Sci-Fi Channel aired a movie once about a disease that targeted the Y chromosome and subsequently wiped out almost all the men on Earth. I liked it, and I can't seem to find the name of it anywhere. Can anyone help me out here?

Amazon Women on the Moon?

Ok I know this is not the movie, but I think you should watch it instead.

So funny when they mock the FBI warning; yeah this movie is better just forget the one you are trying to think of.
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Ha. Ha. And also, ha.

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This isn't a movie but it might have been on the sci fi channel, A Buck Rogers episode, Planet of the Amazon Women, features a society composed solely of women, because all men were either killed in war or held as prisoners of war by their enemy.

I found a movie but I don't think it's been released in the US yet. It's titled, Y: The Last Man (2006)

Here is a link:


That's all I could find so far.


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Okay, maybe I should've been more specific. The "planet" I mentioned is Earth. *Edits*

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Last Man on Earth (1964)


Based on Richard Matheson's SF thriller I AM LEGEND, THE LAST MAN ON EARTH is about a man who survives a global plague only to be stalked nightly by zombielike victims who call out his name. Vincent Price stars as Robert Morgan, a scientist who tried desperately to come up with a cure for an airborne virus that was killing people around the globe. Although he could not develop a serum in time to save his family, he himself seems to be immune from the disease. Thus, he is left to wander the streets by day, staking zombies, then barricading himself in his house each night as the zombies try to break in and kill him. Price is excellent in the role, going about his horrible business as if it were just another day: waking up and eating breakfast, putting on a suit, calmly staking the zombies, making dinner, listening to records at night. But when he suddenly sees what looks like another living soul out in the daylight, his world is suddenly turned inside out.The film was remade in 1971 as THE OMEGA MAN starring Charlton Heston, but Salkow's U.S.-Italian coproduction is more faithful to Matheson's original story.


The Omega Man (1971)



No, it's not a zombie movie. I think it might be futuristic movie.